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(Well it's not completely official yet, but it's only a matter of paperwork and adoption fees now. :rolleyes: )


I am happy to announce the addition of Ziva (aka Z), soon to be known as "Stardog's Can't Take the Sky", to the Erin and Maggie pack!


You all know Z as my foster dog and I'm sure some of you have detected the foster failure vibes already, but I haven't stated the obvious because I was waiting on hip X rays. Those xrays were taken today and the verdict is in: Z has *wonderful* hips! :D :D With this "all clear" in place, Z will be training to be an agility superstar, likely in NADAC and USDAA. You'll be seeing her in the rings in about 12 to 18 months I think.


Miss Z is from the shelter I work at, the Spartanburg Humane Society, where she was relinquished as a 2 month old pup for "escaping". Z ended up spending three months in a shelter kennel - she was originally headed to North Shore with her brother but got sick w/ kennel cough, then aged out of the tranfer program during treatment, so she was put up for adoption at the SHS once recovered.


I pulled her into foster care due to some outside interest in using her as a service dog or search dog (two separate groups) and because decisions were about to be made due to space. Both working placement opportunities fell through and I started looking into sport placement to no avail. When I brought out the clicker though, I was a goner - this dog is AMAZING and despite my desire for a male ACD, she is everything I was looking for except for breed and gender: incredibly social with people and animals, fabulous bounceback, agile, toy and food driven, wonderful with Maggie, whip smart, and super fast and all with a nice off switch!!


All of which means, in the end, that Z is staying. :D


1 week before fostering (5 months):




A week ago (7.5 months):



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Congrats!! I feel weird too.


What do you mean it would be nice to have only one dog? Everyone needs at least two BC's :rolleyes:

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Thanks for the well wishes guys! :rolleyes:


Amy guessed the origin of the name lol - of course I especially like the name not just because a cool female character on NCIS has it, but because in Hebrew it means bright or brilliant which fits Z well.


As for the ears, well I think she has Corgi in there somewhere, but right now I'm going with her as a "Borgi" - BC/Corgi cross (though likely with several other breeds in there as well, maybe JRT, Lab, GSD... lol). You should've seen her watch the sheep at the herding trial we were at. :D

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Hey you've seen her on sheep before! :D Of course she was 5.5 mo and thought sheep poo was more interesting... :rolleyes: We'll prob not see sheep for another few months unless the lead Karen gave me works out and I have enough time off. :D


The one good shot from her first time on sheep:



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