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  1. My retriever mix does this as well. I know my dog is insecure, and so I believe that when he smells the high levels of testosterone he gets the "I need to get you before you get me" attitude.
  2. Oh, didn't know you were on these boards Shay. I agree with everything else being mentioned .
  3. Looks more like the dog is just chasing them around. LOL Then again, I don't know zip about herding
  4. I heard good things about Jamie Florence, and have just contacted her . If you'd like I can PM you her email address . ~Emily
  5. I'm interested to see the responses as well!
  6. Aww, looks like he's having fun! Definately give it a try! By the way, I am SUPER jealous of your mini lake, sheep, and agility setup!
  7. I totally understand where you are coming from with liabilty and whatnot. She told me his "aggression" was nipping people and barking. She never mentioned biting her kid in the face . Thanks so much for finding him a place to go. Makes me feel a lot better! Spy is doing much better, thanks. He barely barks anymore (thank god, LOL) and is getting more comfortable with unfamiliar people.
  8. I was going to see if anyone I knew wanted another dog, but I'm sure you'll have much more potential owners then I will, LOL. Interesting. She told me a different story. LOL
  9. Yes, it is too bad. I don't think I can help him but I atleast want to try. Chance sare, it will be a no from the get go though.
  10. He's 1. The people who have him now haven't had him since he was a puppy, though I *think* he came from some sort of 'breeder' ( ) Fill me in! Now I am curious!
  11. Well, his owners are trying to find him a home. Apparently he's aggressive with 'some' people. However, from what it sounds like to me (I emailed and asked lots of Q's) he's undersocialized, under excercised, and doesn't have clear boundaries. Very sad. His agressive tendancies include barking at strangers and nipping people , which to me sounds like an undersocilaized, untrained BC... I want to help but am being VERY cautious. It's all very confusing right now. They tried to hand him off to the shelter but they wouldn't take him because of his 'aggression' (the owners told them upfront and were told to leave, so no evaluation has been done, just the owners take on it). As much as I would normally not get caught up in these things, his pictures have been tugging on my heart strings. Then again, we'll have to see what my parents think of all this . ROFL
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