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  1. Cool-another Coloradan! Welcome. I have a friend who has a catahoula and he does look much like your Indy but with much shorter hair. Maybe she is catahoula/bc? The Boulder Humane Society seems to get plenty of bc's and bc mixes.
  2. Momma dog is gorgeous!! I bet all those pups are gonna be super cute.
  3. I can't wait to hear more updates! It sounds like she is ready to go any minute now. Good luck with the delivery.
  4. I spend $ on food, vet bills (general maintenance so far, my 2 are still young), things that we can do together (frisbees, balls, etc) treats, and an annual state parks pass which is $50 but allows me to go to the best dog parks around for free as often as I'd like for a year! The normal fee to enter a state park here is $6 for one that I go to and $14 for another. So it's a great deal because we use it, a LOT. I guess that would be the order of importance as well. Good food with fish oil on top to keep them happy and healthy, annual vet checks (and we also had a couple other visits for a ripped toe nail and a limp with Kipp, and some incontenence issues with Roxy this year) but suprisingly-those were fairly cheap to take care of! Now I have a vet that comes to the house so I don't even spend gas $. Then things that will keep them happy and active that involves all of us. Toys, treats for training, park passes and gas money to events.
  5. I also feed the Kirkland kibble which ends up being around $26/40lb bag here and lasts about ~2 months. Then I buy fish oil and vit E capsules to add to their kibble. I get the 32oz salmon oil which only costs $25 and lasts 2 months for both dogs. The vitamins are minimal - $4/bottle. So I guess that would be around $25 a month for 2 dogs. Can that be right?
  6. Wow, check out those paws! He is adorable. I'm sure he will end up where he is loved and well taken care of.
  7. Oh, look at that little face! He is adorable. Congratulations!
  8. Hey! I'm in Denver too and my 2 LOVE the snow! Here are a few pics I took last weekend. Where do you go to take Brody for some fun? We like Chatfield and Cherry Creek State parks. Snowy nose
  9. She is perfect!! I can't wait to see more pictures of her. And if she is a mini aussie it will be like having a puppy for the rest of her life!
  10. Can you really breed for this color? I would think since it is so unusual and uncommon that it would be extremely difficult to do that. No?
  11. My friend has a pb blonde bc. She is gorgeous!! Sorry I don't have a better picture. She's too fast!
  12. How regularly? Once a week? Twice? My boy Kipp is just over a year also and came to us with tartar/icky teeth that I haven't experienced with younger dogs. He eats dry kibble, twice a day. No wet food whatsoever. He won't chew rawhides or bully sticks, but I'm sure he would love some raw meaty bones on a regular basis!! But I don't want to overdo it either.... Thanks!
  13. I SO wanted to go to that this year (especially after seeing your pics from last year)!! Why did they pick that day? We're doing a disc dog demo so we won't be able to go. But I'm sure you will take lots of pictures and make me wish I was there! Right????
  14. Wow, Brody reminds me of my Kipp, who I think is the most handsome bc ever!!
  15. Well the results are in and you guys were right. Incontinence is the problem and she has been prescribed DES by the vet. The urinalysis came back great, no problems or infections, and her initial vet exam was great too. The vet also said she is hoping that we can maybe wein her off of the meds after a bit and see if the problem stops.
  16. That was the earliest appt they had and we are leaving to go out of town this weekend. I want to try and get a urine sample to the vet before we leave if possible, and have them call me and let me know any results they can get from that. Thanks Laura! I really hope she starts to feel better soon!!
  17. Well I thought it was getting better, she had been waking me up in the middle of night (for 2 nights anyway) but she is back to peeing in her sleep again. She has a vet appt on Tuesday morning and hopefully we can get her on some meds to help her. She is starting to seem more down lately too, maybe I'm imagining that, but she seems more droopy and less energetic. I guess we'll find out soon enough!
  18. Some organizations: The UFO: http://www.ufoworldcup.org/ The Quadruped: http://www.thequadruped.com/ FDDO: http://www.fddo.org/ Skyhoundz: http://www.skyhoundz.com/ You can get the Jawz discs here: http://hyperflite.com/jawzdiscs.html Or on the skyhoundz site too: http://skyhoundz.com/discs.html I think they're cheapest here though.... http://www.jefferspet.com
  19. Thank you for all that information AKdogdoc! So it won't be out of line if I do need a prescription for Roxy to ask for DES instead, if my vet suggests PPA?
  20. Thank you SO much for explaining how to get a sample. I was thinking 'How the heck am I going to do that?' as soon I read your first sentence! It sounds easy enough and she's pretty biddable. I'm sure she won't mind. I will do this first thing tomorrow morning (if she doesn't pee it all out tonight while she's sleeping that is!). And luckily, I just happen to work in a lab and there is a sterile, clean urine cup available they said I could have!
  21. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't think it's normal! The bf was like 'we'll just have to let her out more during the night.' (Which maybe in this case is true!) but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I think I will still go to the vet, it would be great to rule out a UTI for my own reassurance if anything! Laura, what's PPA??
  22. I didn't think she was drinking any more than usual, but it's possible that's all it is. (She's not licking at herself at all.) I just don't understand why it's not waking her up at night! She sleeps right through it, where normally she will wake me up if she has to go outside. I think that's the part that freaked me out. And remembering her doing it a few months back, I thought maybe I did not pay enough attention to it back then when I brushed it off.
  23. Well she pees quite a bit because she drinks a lot of water. We go to the park maybe 2 hours every night and she drinks water there while we're playing frisbee. I let her out right before bed to go, and then she's inside for about 7-8 hours, and I let her out again in the am. She's actually done this once before a few months back, but I let it go because it never happened again. Do you think a vet check isn't necessary unless it keeps happening?
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