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He's got another superpower!

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Took Gibbs with me this morning to go visit my trainer - MY trainer, who is helping me with some back issues. There was another trainer and her client already in the studio, and this other client had brought her dog with her, a10 yr old poodle cross dog. When I walked Gibbs past the door, the other dog started wagging his tail and came over. He and Gibbs said their nice polite hellos, and then Rudy the poodle cross started woo-wooing, and play bowing, and just wanted to play with Gibbs.


Rudy's owner had tears in her eyes. She told me that her 18 yr old son had left for college the week before, and Rudy was inconsolable. She was getting ready to take him to the vet because he was only picking at his food, wouldn't play with her, didn't want to go for walks anymore. He saw Gibbs and life has meaning again!


So, we'll set up a doggy meet n greet, and see if Gibbs can make a permanent change for Rudy!


Gibbs is earning is "SUPER Special" designation!


Ruth and SuperGibbs

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Great to hear SuperGibbs was so well received! And I love to see dogs interact with each other, esp in situations like this one. Great work!

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That's incredible. I feel so sorry for Rudy, though, it must be awful to have one of your humans just disappear from your life and not know why, or if they were ever coming back. I'd love to hear updates if the two end up getting together for a play. Way to go, Gibbs.

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eh, good boy, Gibbs! This is so close to home.

I have a golden who is officially "mine" but her heart so belongs to my adult son it's pathetic. When he's leaving after an evening, she curls into a tight ball and turns away from us, miserable. When I mention he's close to arriving she gets herself to the front porch and fidgets while she watches the bus stop down the street. When she recognizes his silhouette headed her way it's as if her whole body melts. And interestingly, my son's been out of the house 10 years - longer than I've had the dog.

So Rudy might be very miserable indeed now and it might be more than just a while before he realizes that his kid has just changed schedule. In the meantime I've found that my dog copes better when she has her kid's undivided attention for a good half hour every time he drops in. He hoists her into the air on arrival, teases her, plays "their" games with her, and snuggles her; the more physicality the better.

But It's ok, Rudy...you've found a buddy to help you.

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