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    My wife, my son, a good book, and a good dog (make that several good dogs)!
  1. I can't tell if Don looks like he is a little out of his element, or perhaps he's thinking about jumping behind the wheel and really taking charge. Glad no one was hurt!
  2. Great to hear SuperGibbs was so well received! And I love to see dogs interact with each other, esp in situations like this one. Great work!
  3. That video is amazing!!! Blows my mind, unbelievable how impressive these dogs are.
  4. These dogs all have wonderful stories! And Emily, all of your dogs are striking! Cola is my 4 year old German Shepherd. I got her when she was an eight week old puppy and as prepared as I thought I was, I sooned learned that nothing teaches you like experience. Cola is my first dog. Yes, I had dogs growing up, but I would say they were more my dad's dogs than my own. She and I are always together. I cook dinner... by my feet, go to the bathroom... by my side, watching TV... on the floor next to the couch, yard work... right there behind the mower or whatever else is happening outside. Co
  5. I can't tell everyone what their honesty and sincere comments mean to me. The whole idea of putting anyone(esp our dogs) on medication always has a negative stigma behind it. But, I think our dog is truly struggling w her anxiety. Tommy Coyote, I too am dreading the fireworks, but prob not as much as my Cola. Ruth, what kind of beer do you want? After doing all the yard work and mulching the flower bed, I'm drinking a Sierra Nevada Hefeweizen right now... Pretty good, but that's prob for another forum... On a more serious note, talked to the vet yesterday and we're going to talk next
  6. Yes, the pacing is a common theme at our house. And before we got our fence, she would sit at the window crying for me as I mowed the grass. I was/am someone that tends to think we rush to meds to fix our problems... But as I've gotten older and more experienced I see the need for it when appropriate and properly diagnosed. I also brought it up here to listen to some examples, reassure myself that it is ok, and just be certain. I've confided with some friends and family about this, and some of them tell me I'm crazy... So yeah, just feels good to know I'm not the only one that has consid
  7. ^^^ Yes. And eventually you'll get to where they just go in thier crate to relax, to sleep, bc they're unsure of something. The crate is def not a bad thing and I'm very thankful for it.
  8. Something I've been contemplating for a long time, and I apologize if this a repeat thread. I have a high anxiety dog with severe separation issues and noise phobia. For the longest time I believed there was something that I wasn't doing, or was doing to cause these issues. My wife and I have been trying to ease her anxieties with little success. If I put her on medication of some sort i.e. prozac is that doing what's best for our dog or just what's best for us? Ive really been struggling with this, as I never would have thought our dog needed that, rather just accepting that I screwed up some
  9. Also, I think hjtras may be a young kid... 13-15 maybe?
  10. All right, does anyone else get that uncomfortable feeling in the pit of their stomach when this person posts anything... It's like watching a train wreck, just when you think the situation can't get any worse, another train comes off the rails causing even more damage than the first. I want to believe hjtras but I just can't... It's like he/she is from another planet and is totally unaware of our earthly social structure. Yeah, ppl are kind of rude sometimes and I get the sense that they're going to be rude to hjtras without consideration to how that might make him/her feel. Sometimes ppl dis
  11. BCnew... I don't disagree. I believe sometimes our dogs need a correction, need to be reminded to listen, and so on. It just isn't that simple for me and my shepherd on walks. I wish it was, I'm kind of like Camden's mom, in that I'm always working on our leash walking. Wish I was better at this and had a better handle on it like you seem to be. Just giving my experiences...
  12. You must have one of the most well behaved dogs out there, bc this tactic DOES NOT work for me, and I don't think I've ever seen it work. I feel for the original poster bc a walk w your dog is a wonderful thing and can be so rewarding. A chance to have your dog on display, and know the comfort of having your companion right there by your side.
  13. Thanks! I have looked into GH farm and am impressed w them. My wife and I are taking our time, no rush whatsoever, but I'm extremely amped knowing one day that day will be here when I find the right dog, the right fit, hopefully attend a few trials, and eventually have everything as ready as can be. As for now hope everyone won't mind me being a BC admirer
  14. I'm in a similar position. Been looking for a BC rescue or good working breeder, and not going to lie, I've heard lots of horror stories. Reading your posts is refreshing and your pup is a GREAT LOOKING dog!
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