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  1. Thank you everyone,she does get a great deal of exercise, i have noticed over the past few weeks that she is starting to bulk up more getting more muscle mass about her. i have decided to just keep an eye on her not going to worry about her being too thin, even though i get asked often from well meaning dog owners at the new dog park we have been going to about her being so as they say "tiny and too skinny" i just smile and point to her and say I wish i could run along with her, Id be skinny too... That seems to drop the discussion lol.
  2. Sorry about that, thank you for the chart
  3. I had this with Gidget, she had a very bad sinus infection and allergies. She is doing great now.
  4. I have been told that she is too skinny, I need to bulk her up. The vet has suggested 1 raw chicken thigh once a week then a good run so she will bulk up not have it go to fat. Is she really that bad? 13 months old
  5. I have been told that she is too skinny, I need to bulk her up. The vet has suggested 1 raw chicken thigh once a week then a good run so she will bulk up not have it go to fat. Is she really that bad? 13 months old
  6. I am in the same boat with my old girl Poppy, my heart goes out to you and Buddy.
  7. A black and yellow chew bone, she is on her 3rd one, they do not make or sell them anymore so we are working to find a replacement. Anything Kong, anything that squeaks is an added bonus. Stuffed animals! Grand dog has taught her they are good fun to rip the stuffing out of, so she seldom gets them only when I am feeling like dealing with the mess. Off topic, She knows each and every toy she has by its name. I tell her to get her toy by name, she will go find that toy! Never fails to bring me the correct toy. I find it pretty impressive as we have quite a few toys in and out
  8. We have a few kongs around the house, half the time I don't even stuff them with anything she just chews them, she can not go to bed at night without her chew toy lol.
  9. I have been told the same thing about dogs greeting on leashes, it can promote aggression, they even have signs posted at the dog park telling you to remove the dogs leash before entering. What I have done is just move out of the way when I see people with dogs walking towards us ( i do this with runners joggers bikers baby buggies and what not ) she sits at my side as we let them pass. A simple leave it or sit stay is all she needs to let them go past with no issues. Little by little she has gotten used to all the things that pass us, we even at times just keep walking with no issue.
  10. Gidget 13 months rescued aprox 7 months ago. Is being trained to be a mobility service dog. Bad things. She is forever coming up with new bad habits, no sooner is one issue resolved a new one pops up. She just about quit eating, yet guarding her food bowl protecting it from everything, shadows people other dogs you name it. She would run to that food bowl and guard over it hunched over letting everyone know it was not to be touched, or lay watching it like it was going to run away. I took her to the store let her pick out her very own food bowl, problem solved She has decided
  11. Yes someone here actually had said about using the long line when I was first working with Gidget, it worked wonders. Now we have a shorter line that we use, still do bring out the longer one from time to time, but I am using the shorter hands free line now more often as we are training for going for walks into public areas and stores. Once again this weekend I have not been able to work with her at all, was not home, couldn't bring her with me, so I hope tomorrow I can have a productive day with the dogs.
  12. Seems to be helping, she isn't running away from this stuff like the other stuff
  13. Id like a remo for Gidget, on, off, slow. reverse, pause, mute, oh how nice that would be, and while I am at it how about a set of blinders, like they put on horses!! Little miss busy body over here is so interested in what the other dogs are doing, not wanting to miss out on any fun, never goes potty, she will wimpier to go out, then forgets! I tell Orion no playing Gidget has to potty, she still forgets, even when I tell her. So after I have gotten totally tired of it, I make her hold it tell her back teeth are floating, then she will go (maybe). Even if I put her out by herself she forg
  14. Thanks for the video and the input, they used to bark just when someone came to the door, then they started this barking at people who walked past the house, some of you know just how out of hand that got when we first got Gidget, Then it settled down, now it has become just a horrible habit that the more we tell them to stop the worse it has gotten. So far so good on curbing it, I will watch the video after I wake up a bit. It is like one starts the other follows, then the youngster "Gidget" gets way too excited and hyped up we have to nip this one in the bud. They want to please so I
  15. My grand puppy has a bad habit that has become worse and worse, he barks and barks every time someone knocks at the door, he will not stop, he will not stop when people come in, then he jumps on the people. Gidget is not aloud to bark none stop, she is not aloud to jump on people, and she is not aloud to bark and bark none stop. So here is the problem. Gidget gets in trouble, Orion does not......... Because he does not jump hard! Well Grandma has put her foot down. The past 2 weeks I have been working slowly on these dogs teaching them how to behave when we have guests over. F
  16. That is awesome! I love seeing children interested in and active in working with animals great job!
  17. This is how things used to work when I was growing up. My parents were friends with the vet, he would just stop in on his way to work or after work on his way home.
  18. I understand that some people do have a need to train their service dogs to put pressure over their bodies, I am not sure how they go about doing this, I know that they can be trained to sense oncoming things like seizures and such as well. I have a beagle mix who can detect my seizures way before I can, she learned this on her own. I have a feeling that you would benefit by discussing these things with a trainer who has worked in these areas, I know that for myself I am doing most of my service dogs training on my own, but have a trainer who assists me on specialized aspects and needs that
  19. Yes! That is what I have been thinking about teaching these 2 in my house the heeler and bc! Thanks CMP! My daughter rolls her eyes every time I say we need a basket so I can teach these dogs to put their toys away saying it is impossible! I am gonna do it!! First to get a basket! And about the question asked... Forgive me my dear sweet Poppy Corn... I have not met a stupid BC But I have met and have been living with the stupidest sweetest beagle that I have ever seen in my entire life for the past going on 15 years! With that said, she is sweet, well behaved, I can take her anywhere,
  20. I have been wondering about this myself. Gidgets pink on her nose has almost totally gone, she has golden eyes and a brown nose, the pink above her nose has all gone on one half only, her ticks some have grown, some new have come, her ears, don't even get me started on them crazy things lol. and her coat is growing longer in some places and not at all in others, Id say my poor little dear is defiantly at an awkward stage... her legs keep growing she needs to catch up to them haha.
  21. You have to know that old Ripper we had him from a young pup, he was the family dog, would never harm a fle, he was a big strong muscular dog. He was well exercised, he never ever ever started a fight, but he sure would finish one. He did so by pinning the dog to the ground by the throat tell we came to assist. So he knew that Kim had finally got there, therefore he was ready, thing is that it took so long for anyone to get there he really was not focusing on anything more then that dog that went after him. Still Kimber got lucky that day. I guess she had no other choice. I have alway
  22. I Always wonder about using a border collie in the Frisbee sports, to me I would think they are going to endure much pain and troubles with their hips over time, all that jumping and hard landing, I don't let Gidget play with frisbees for this reason, I could be very mistaken. Honestly seeing this breed in their true environment hearing is such a beautiful thing to me. It just amazes me, They are just so beautiful and talented.
  23. I always do the test... I will leave the house and pretend that I am gone for awhile, when I think the puppy thinks I am gone I peek in the windows every now and then, go for a walk around the block or something then peek again. I do this from time to time, just testing the pup. If all goes well I give the pup more and more time. Eventually they earn my trust and can be left alone un crated in the house. I still do a check when I come home to be sure Gidget was good. She knows and expects me to check, She looks with me while I do my inspections knowing that their is going to be cooki
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