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  1. Yes I have made them aware of the Midwest BC rescue group. I think they were hoping that the dog could just go from their home to its new home so less stress for the dog.
  2. They live in town where there are restrictions as to what all they can do on their property and fence heights are one of them.
  3. Would anyone here be interested in helping take in a 4 year old half border collie, half australian shepherd mix. He is 4 years old, house broke, very friendly, lived with another dog (german Shepherd) and kids so he is not aggressive but he can jump a 4 foot fence which is why they are trying to rehome him. He is a beautiful brown and white. They are not asking for any money to rehome him but do not want to take him to a shelter. He is next door to my niece and she says he is very sweet.
  4. He looks so grown up and so handsome!! Yes they just do not stay little long enough.
  5. I would certainly rather someone tell me than not in a situation like that. Early detection can mean a great deal when it comes to cancer. Both great stories. Dogs are awesome..
  6. I agree with this too, but sometimes after a long day of work and exhaustion you yell first without thinking and then regret it later I know I have fallen into that category and then trying to make it up to the dog, but just yelling because the dog should know better I have not done. I am reading a really interesting book on dog training right now and I find it very interesting that the author addresses that the dogs already know the things we think we are teaching them, what we in fact are doing is just teaching the word or hand signal for the command, and the rules of which we want them to follow..
  7. I agree with both points. As above when I came home late i expected to find a mess waiting for me and you are right Mya probably sensed it before i even said anything. And also on the first point, my daughter has 2 dogs and her yorkie always knows my daughter is going to be upset when dixie the bigger mix (and a puppy) does things he knows she will not like. She knows he did not do it, because he cannot chew a huge hole in her wall and he has never destroyed really anything when she has left him but as you said he has the look on his face of guilt and licks her so as to say sorry and she knows he did not do it, but he probably feels her emotion of exhaustion and what am I going to do with you. Dixie is usually caged even when she goes our for an hour or two now...
  8. As I have said before I think we humans could learn a lot from dogs. I have seen dogs show guilt or whatever word you want to call it time and time again, whereas humans who should show guilt and apologize act as if they have done nothing wrong whatsoever to feel guilty over. We left Mya way too long the other day (was not our intention but we did not get back when expected). Not only did she meet me at the door with tail between her legs and ears back but she actually showed me where she had peed and was totally unhappy until I got it cleaned up. I knew it was our fault and not hers but still she felt this guilt or whatever you want to call it. I cleaned it up, told her it was not her fault this time, and took her out where she happily went to her grassy spot and peed again, after which she was praised and all was forgotten. A lot of people I know could learn how to be so apologetic.
  9. He is gorgeous, if that is ratty looking I think I would hate to see him full and handsome LOL!! He looks so happy and healthy. So glad you never gave up on him, just shows what a lot of love can do. The drinking thing is fascinating too. My daughter was just telling me about how they curl their tongues under to drink but wow you could really see it there.
  10. Great looking photos and dogs. I wonder if he eats too much because maybe he is worried he won't get enough with the other dogs, just a thought. My husband did not have anything to do with our american eskimo at first either but he ended up so attached to that dog when we lost him my husband actually cried and moped around for over a week. It devastated him to look his old man. They like to act tough but I think most are just teddy bears in disguise LOL!!
  11. Mom of Mya


    So sorry for your loss, that is the hardest thing about having dogs, having to say goodbye sometime.
  12. He has such a sweet face, I love that last picture of him. I so wish my husband would agree to taking on another with Mya. I would love to have him and I think Mya would love another dog around all the time too. She loves it when my daughter is up and she can play with her dog. Did Gentle Lake take him? I hope he gets a good home.
  13. Welcome, he is adorable and your whole pack is quite wonderful. You most certainly will be active and have your hands full with all of that...
  14. Well I don't think the 100 some odd pound rottweiler I encountered once would have gone too far LOL!!!
  15. I now carry wasp spray when I walk with Mya as my sister used that on 3 wild dogs that tried to attack hers and she said they took off running fast. This is good to know but what do you do after you grab the back legs and get them off balance if you are alone?
  16. Mya is going on 13 months and still destroys her toys in about 2 seconds if I don't watch her every minute, thank goodness only her toys and occasionally a toilet paper roll empty of course that i let her have, nothing of importance or anything of ours.
  17. I love them all, everyone so unique, it makes them all beautiful...What I think I like most is their intense gaze, it is a gaze you can feel and it is like they can see right into your soul...
  18. I don't have real experience with boxers other than 2 families that I have known that had them. They were real sweethearts and I don't think I ever even heard them bark, but they were in families with children and other pet dogs, smaller dogs i should say and they seemed to get on with the smaller dogs fine. I can say when my daughter brings her 2 dogs up to play Mya seems to be the aggressive one, well not really aggressive but the other 2 don't seem to know how to read her and she doesn't really understand when they are barking and chasing each other. If both parents have a good temperament I don't think I would shy away from a pup. Especially if they are neighbors maybe they would let you bring your dog over and see if it and the pup seemed to get on together. I did find it interesting last night while looking at the paper and the ads, full bred dogs were listed for like 200 to 400 dollars, whereas goldendoodles, labradoodles, morkies, schimoos and such were listed for 1,000 dollars and more. Mutts are going for much more than full bred pedigree dogs.
  19. Yes i remember that one, but we also had one here in Indiana where the present owner did not want to give the dog up to the original owner as their child had become attached, but the original owner had gotten divorced and moved and had this dog for quite some time like 10 years or such and the dog was the reason the person could go on. It was very heart wrenching and I don't think after owning a dog for 10 years you should have to fight to get it back, as long as it has been well cared for which that one definitely had been. I think here in Indiana they only have to hold a dog in the shelter for maybe even a week and then are allowed to adopt them out. But in the instance above that lady had even contacted the shelters around her and given them pictures and information so the dog should not have been adopted out in the first place.
  20. https://www.facebook.com/russellrescuetn/posts/867671979910728 Apparently in Tennessee..He is a gorgeous black and white...
  21. I could see where a number of things could go wrong with this. I would not want the financial responsibility without having ownership of the animal. What if they decide to breed and you can see that the dog has fear phobias or is just not matuer enough to breed but the breeder says to anyways. Does the breeder take the dog during this time and keep the puppies or does the guardian have to be responsible? What if the dog were to bite someone, who is liable? Many ifs about this. Would kind of be like living your life in limbo not knowing when the dog may be yours or when the breeder may take it and want it for something such as breeding or showing...it would not be for me. I love Mya and she is our companion but if I am going to take care of her and love her then i want to be able to make the decisions for her as I see fit not as a breeder sees fit. So in essence I do own her in the laws of the land so to speak and the responsibilities that go along with her and with that I am just fine with. I guess i own her as much as you can own an animal in this country. I sure have read a lot of bad stories of people losing their dogs, then to find them, but having to fight to get their own dogs back because they have been found by a shelter who adopted them out to others.
  22. Well I won't know until November now as I signed up for the classes that start on a Saturday in November now. It will be much easier for Mya and I to make to this class rather than the one during the week after I get off work and would be rushing. I did watch a class in session almost to the end before I had to leave. Different dogs had different things on, some did have harnesses but these were bigger dogs like pitbulls so I am thinking that was probably a safety feature. Their paperwork you have to fill out does say if the dogs show any aggression they will be asked to leave and you can make arrangements with the trainer later if you would like (probably again for private lessons at first). I never saw any of the people really have to tug on the dogs much at all in the class I watched. Even the one that came leaps and bounds she said was not pulling all that much on her collar. Again I am assuming that this trainer just thought this was probably all Mya needed and with walking her at lunch she has responded very well to it. She has never really pulled on the leash though and always walked well. The dogs all had their tails wagging and looking to their people walking them. The trainers did not have to offer much in the way of help but this was a graduating class also. As i said I watched this lady through the swimming part (with 2 other trainers as well) and the actual training part. I never saw her handle any of the dogs roughly nor the other trainers. The dogs all had tails wagging and seemed very friendly and happy to be there, I did not see any staring wildly or acting afraid in any way or form and they did not look like robots like at the second training place. The lady we would have for a trainer and I had in the consult actually has 2 of her own dogs in agility competitions so I will call and ask her a few more questions before we begin. I will ask what their training method is when I call. I am glad we were not starting this week as Mya strained her front leg playing this weekend. Slipped on wet grass and bent it back under her and landed on it. She hobbled a bit for the first day but seems much better today but still glad we don't have to do that hour of training this week to give it good time to rest.
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