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Rocko, 2002-2013, and Bobbie, 1982-2013


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I've never posted in this section of the boards... it's kind of surreal. And I'm doing it for two.


Just this past Wednesday I lost my sweet old man, Rocko. For simplicity's sake, I'm just going to post the tribute I wrote on Facebook:

"I remember, 11 years ago, when we had lost our dog Cody in the winter, Dad and I decided we couldn't wait until spring to bring another dog to the farm. Just our luck, Cody's breeder had a litter on the ground at the right age to bring home. He sent us some photos of the puppies. Sasha, the one with the good traditional Border Collie markings, she was the one for sure. But ACK! Look at that ugly bald-faced one! Why would anyone want one that looked like that??


Of course, when we got there, he won our hearts over, and since we couldn't decide between Rocko and Sasha, they both came home with us.


I'm so thankful that I made it home last night to say goodbye. He started out the morning a little weak, but went rapidly downhill by the afternoon, it was his time. As I came into the garage, my handsome, sweet old man who was so weak I almost didn't recognize him, raised up enough to see me and the tip of his tail waggled just enough to say "I'm so glad you're here!"


My best friend is a veterinarian and was kind enough to come for a home euthanasia, I can't express how thankful I am that we didn't have to take him away from everything he knew in his final moments. Rocko passed in my arms, no more pain, no more cold. We buried him next to my horse Bobbie (who passed away earlier this year), I'm sure they're having a great time together wherever they are. I pray Sasha can find balance without her brother, I hope she handles suddenly being a single dog alright. She looked a little confused last night as I put her in their kennel.


"Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really." - Agnes Sligh Turnbull


Goodbye, buddy. I love you and I miss you!"


Rocko on his 10th birthday:




Earlier this year I also lost my old mare, Bobbie. She was also starting to lose weight and blood tests showed her kidneys were shutting down, she barely had an appetite and wasn't drinking any water. The time came, though, that I couldn't ignore the fact that she was continuing to go downhill, the decision was made. Her last few hours were spent heartily munching on a bucket of oats, drinking some water, and sunbathing. She was 31 years old, and had been one of my best companions for the last 14 years. She taught me everything I know about horses.


Bobbie on her 30th birthday:


These are the first two pets I've ever had to make the decision to send them to the bridge, breaks my heart thinking about both of them and I can't believe I've had to do this twice in one year. You want to believe they will get better and they still have several years left to be with you, but in the end I'm so glad I did right by them.


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My condolences on your losses. It sounds like you made the compassionate decision in each case. It is very hard when two pass within a short time. (I had to make "the decision" for 2 cats about 2 years ago - one was expected, whereas one was totally unexpected. (Within 3 months of each other)





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