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Mojo request fo rJo&Tex


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Just got a quick note from Jo&Tex. Tex, her blind BC, is having a very bad day and she's off to the vet as I write this. So, I'm asking that you all send lots of good mojo for Jo and Tex.

I'm sure she won't mind me asking on her behalf.

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Tex had been doing really well. He has had some health issues but he greatly improved on a low protein diet to protect his kidneys. He was active, enjoying his walks and being a holy terror in the house but yesterday he just crashed. He will be 13 in October. He is going deaf and he has some confused days but mostly, having Tex in the house is like living with a small, furry Godzilla.


Sadly, the news is not good.


Tex is bleeding out and it is coming from a cancerous tumour in his

bladder. Tex is very weak from the anemia. He is having trouble

getting to his feet and his hind legs are sliding out from under him

so we're helping him get around.


Tex still has an appetite so he had a steak and a porkchop last night

along with rice with liver juice. This morning he got to his feet when

Stephen started making the dog's food. As long as he wants to eat, I

know it's not time yet.


Medically, the liver and kidneys are functioning reasonably well. The

diet he is on has been a big success in strengthening his body. But

Tex has wasted away in the last month. He is just a skeleton under all

that fur and that is from the cancer. He has infection again and he is

on Baytril to help knock it down and buy him some time.


The vet (new vet) was very clear that Tex is not long for this

world...days, maybe a week or two. There is nothing that can be done

to stop the bleeding out. His lungs sounds weren't very good so we

think the cancer is in the lungs as well.


This morning he is content to lay on his blanket and just listen to whats going on around him. Spot, our 6 month old puppy, adores Tex and keeps coming over to wash his face which Tex enjoys.


Tex is just very very tired but for now he's comfortable. I'm doing okay but this is a big deal for me. Tex is my heart dog and for a few tough years in my life, Tex and Loki gave me a reason to keep going.

I have a wonderful partner now who loves Tex and all our dogs and we'll make sure that Tex knows how special he is to everyone who has ever met this amazing dog.


Thank for all the mojo and to my friend Kris for always being there for me.

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Oh Jo, I'm so sorry to hear this. You and Tex have definitely been through some rough times together. You saw all his potential and gave him a chance, and the love you share is repayment for the faith you had in each other. He was there for you and now you're both there for him. I know you'll treasure whatever time you have left, and I know that when it's finally his time, you will let him go with the same love that brought him into your heart in the first place. I will be praying for you and Stephen to be able to cherish this time you have with him and to not be too saddened by his passing, but instead to rejoice in a life well-lived, a life that got an amazing second chance because of you. Peace to you all.



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Jo, we've all been blessed to know Tex through your posts. His spirit and courage have been incredible as he just got on with life despite some limitations. Although I know you're not ready for him to leave, I hope his passing from this life is easy and gentle for him.


I'm so sorry your time w/Tex won't be longer.

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So very sorry to read the report about Tex. I swear my heart stops beating for a few seconds whenever I hear about another sweet soul heading for The Bridge. Praying for peace; for Tex and for everyone who loves him.

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Tex got up this morning and wandered around the kitchen. He ate his breakfast and gnawed on a bone for a while. Around noon, he went outside to pee and came back in and then felt very tired.


We took him out to lay in the sun on his blanket. Tex died a few minutes later. He just took some deep breaths and went to sleep. Tex knew that we were both there with him and his passing was very gentle and peaceful.


I cant believe he's gone.


Thank you for the mojo and good wishes. I believe it helped ease Tex on his way.

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