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Bear came to us as a rescue that we ended up keeping ourselves. He had been in to the humane society enough times that his "owner" was going to get a ticket from the sheriff's department so they didn't come and claim him. One of the other times he was in, he'd been hit by a car and had one of his back legs broken and he suffered with the pain of arthritis when he got older. It didn't stop him from wanting to run with the 4 wheeler or the tractor, but he'd pay for it the next day so we didn't let him do it for the last year. He did enjoy swimming at the duck pond, so much so that it was hard to get him to come out.


The first winter that we had him.




Bear at the creek crossing with Zoe in the background. He was always up for a walk.




When he'd sleep on the chair or the couch, his head would hang over and make him look like he was dead.


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Fergie slept like that, too. Or with her head over the arm of the chair.


I'm so sorry Bear is gone. But I'm sure that Bear and Fergie are romping with all the other pups now. Young and bouncy.

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Go in peace, my valiant friend.

Suffer no more; sweet sleep has come.

Be welcomed by our friends;

They have blazed a path for you to follow.

Wait patiently, for I will join you again,

Your keen vision restored to lead our way,

Strength renewed, for we shall journey forever.

I learned from your courage

In the waning of your days.

You fought bravely through the pain,

A whimper never passed,

Always by my side as I was by yours.

Your battle is over, our grieving begins,

As I lay you to rest

In the yard were we played.

Your place in my soul

will always remain filled.

So rest now in peace, my gallant companion,

Knowing how much I loved you

And will miss you at my side.


~ Eulogy posted by “Baby’s Dad” for his beloved Zeke


Vaya con Dios, Bear.

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So sorry to hear about Bear. He sounded like a wonderful fellow. They are never with us long enough but in the time he was with you, his life was good.

Run free and easy Bear...

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