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  1. I would never do a full body clip on a bc. For mine, the spring time brings mud, so I will trim leg hair, pants(the long hair under tail and down back legs). I also trim the belly hair, but leave enough for protection. Mine are farm/house dogs so I try to keep the level of dirt coming into the house to a minimum. Samantha
  2. This is disturbing in so many ways. It sounds like many rescue groups are just as bad as the puppy mills. I'm also shocked that there are still dog auctions going on. Samantha
  3. Greetings. If you don't know already, Wisconsin has a wonderful stock dog club, the Wisconsin Working Stock Dog Association. Check out our facebook page and website, we host many clinics, and trials throughout the year. Samantha
  4. This has been discussed on the boards before so if you do a search you will find more info. Samantha
  5. Hopefully you can make it to the clinic, even if it's just to audit. I wouldn't feel bad about taking your dog to someone else, its not dissing your current trainer, just trying to broaden your horizen and help your dog. As to this stockdog community being mostly offline- Many stockdog clubs have a website or facebook page that will have information about clinics, trials, and worksites. Samantha
  6. Diddo a video. Yes things might be messy, but it might open more insight into what's happening. You don't go to a clinic to show how good your dog is; you go for the purpose of getting much needed help. Reading this reminds me of some wise advice from Jack Knox. "Stop trying to make the dog right. Correct the wrong, leave the right. Let the dog think." Samantha
  7. I agree with Gloria. Its hard to give good advice since we don't have a video to see whats going on, but here is what I think. You said that he initially was working very nicely on the sheep and now for whatever reason its a disaster now. This makes me wonder if pressure/corrections, are being applied correctly. Dogs really read our nonverbal and verbal gestures very well and you/trainer might be in the wrong place at the wrong time without realizing it. This pressure could be causing your dog to react towards the sheep opposite of what you/trainer think should happen. Or in the course of
  8. Working dogs, deaf or hearing are amazing, love this! Samantha
  9. If you go, I'm running a dog named Zuri in open. Anyone at the trial wearing a whistle and isn't ready to run a dog will be willing to talk your ear off if you want to ask questions Samantha
  10. Wow, I had a blond moment, I forgot to say that our annual club trial is happening Labor Day weekend in Hudson. Its an impressive field to see the dogs work in. Samantha
  11. I'm a director for the WI club. You might want to post your question on our facebook page and local members can give you plenty of info. We are lucky to have many good clinicians, some come here on a regular basis, some live in the area. In two weeks the Crook and Whistle Stock Dog trial will be going on at the WI Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson, September 8-10. So not only can you watch the trial and talk with the handlers but check out all the sheep related stuff as well. Samantha
  12. Denise offered great advice. Julie Hill's book The Natural Way does a great job of explaining all aspects of training including how to teach driving so might be something worth checking out. Samantha
  13. If this were my dog I would get him to a vet asap and have him fully checked out, this doesn't sound normal. Samantha
  14. I constructed mine out of cattle panels and T-posts. I like cattle panels as I can put them up myself, and its also easy to take down and move. I also purchased T-post caps as an added safety measure. Samantha
  15. Last year, just a few months shy of turning 8 I found out Meg had a murmur. She has had anaplasmosis in the past and last year had another flare up and it was then that the vet found it. He said it was possible that it was due to the tick borne disease. She isn't on any meds, I was told if I noticed any changes to bring her back, but she has been fine. If the vet hadn't found the murmur I'd be none the wiser. Samantha
  16. Nothing wrong with your dog learning to walk with you, just avoid what you see in the obedience ring with the dog constantly looking at the handler. I have seen very well trained obedience dogs have trouble getting started on stock as they are so into looking at their human for every direction. Samantha
  17. I have never noticed a difference in any of my altered dogs. It would be interesting to see how they actually tested this. Samantha
  18. When I got Meg 8 years ago at 4 months of age she would get terribly car sick. She would throw up, drool, shake. What it took for her was time, making the car a happy place, taking her places that meant fun. She eventually grew out of it, and now if there is an open door she is the first one in, especially when packing for trials. Samantha
  19. Sorry that this has happened. It sounds like you have tried to manage the situation and for a time it did work. As of right now I don't know of anyone looking for a dog, but our stockdog club president, or any of the directors might have more connections. Go on to the Wisconsin Working Stock Dog Association website(wwsda.org) where you will find contact info. Samantha
  20. What everyone else has said. Also, be sure your flank whistles don't start on the same tone that will be confusing for your dog. When you decide on the set you will use make sure you feel comfortable using them and that they come out consistant. Samantha
  21. All mine except Quinn like to go in the creek so they wash themselves. Spring time I will do an undercarriage rinse to get the main mud off. Only if someone has rolled in something vile will I wash the stiinky area. Quinn is my diva dog, he doesn't like getting dirty so I don't have to worry about him, the girls are the ones who enjoy a good stink roll on occasion. Regular brushing is all a dog really needs, too much bathing can strip the natural oils from their coats. Samantha
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