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  1. Congrats on your new addition. A bit of warning regarding black dogs with freckles on their socks. They will steal your heart. Living through it as we speak. Your new girl is beautiful.
  2. When we got Dave at about 3 1/2 months old, he and his tail were pretty sparse. He too is a mix of Border collie mom and unknown male. He will be three in January and as you can see, he fluffed out quite nicely... Mike
  3. I don't know if the heat has anything to do with it? Good question though, I'll ask her when she gets home if that has even been brought up. My wife says that the spike that they've seen personally at the clinic is due directly to vaccinations not UTD or just plain no vaccination at all. Many of the clients there are from lower class neighborhoods where puppies are born to unspayed mothers and just passed around to any family that will take them. Alot of the parvo cases are walk-ins these days. When a person just comes in with a parvo case without calling first, it's really dangerous for the people with pets in the lobby who are there to do the right thing and get the preventative vaccines. She also mentioned that for some reason, it has seemed like it's harder to pull a black or black with brown( Rotti type) parvo case out of it. It may be just coincidence that those were the worst cases and brought in later. What ever it is, I hope the numbers of cases go down soon.
  4. ...and the most gawd awful diarrhea smell you can imagine. And also, living in Indiana and having my wife and son that both work at a vet clinic, yes, the numbers of cases are staggering right now.
  5. Another vote for "pick the dog that speaks to you". Having one of each, I can say that our female is definately NOT the more laid back one. She has to always be on the move, checking windows, making sure nothing is out of place in her yard. Always, been that way. Now, she does have a great off switch and will settle down when told to. Our male, on the other hand, can only be described as GOOFY. He is intense too, when it comes to his ball and a game of fetch, but he has a way about him that will bring a smile out of you on your worst day. They were both rescue dogs and neither were exactly what we were looking for at the time that we found them (or the other way around) at the shelters. If I was dead set on Male/Female, we would never have gotten Maggie. And had we gotten a male first, then we probably wouldn't have gotten Dave as our second dog. I can't imagine not having either of them now. So sometimes it's better to let the dog pick you. Mike
  6. HoosierMike


    I'm so sorry, Laura. Boy, you guys have had a rough couple months. Give Zoe and the rest of the crew an extra squeeze and tell Rissa I'm sorry too. Good boy, Bear, rest easy now.
  7. I had a Springer Spaniel years ago who did the same things you are describing. She started peeing alot, and didn't act "birdy" on scent either. She did end up being diagnosed with Lyme disease and needed two rounds of antibiotics to clear it up. TBD's, especially in areas where they're not that common, are often what Vets look for last. Good luck with your girl.
  8. Wow, that black pup reminds me of someone I know... He grew up to look like this Shelter pups rock... Mike
  9. Someone mentioned Warsaw in Ohio. I'll save you the trouble of looking at a "breeder" in Warsaw, Indiana too. Bad news, stay away. Mike
  10. IMHO, I would have introduced them somewhere on "no man's land". When we bring a new dog into the picture, be it introducing a new dog to ours, or introducing ours to someone else's dog, I try to do it on a walk or a park or somewhere that isn't any particular dog's home territory. I know if a strange dog came into our house, even the friendliest dog on earth, Maggie would have no part of it. On neutral ground, it takes a few minutes, sometimes longer, but normally things play out much better. Compare it to someone you know nothing about, just showing up and saying "Hey, I'm here, deal with it." Mike
  11. I wouldn't waste your money. We had our dogs done as Guinea pigs at our vet clinic where my wife works. No cost to us, just as a test. The brand was Wisdom Panel and it was the blood draw type, which is supposed to have better results and less errors. Our youngest dog came back with a "major" of Border Collie, an "intermediate" of Collie and a "minor" of Samoyed. Our older dog came back with no major, no intermediate and a minor as Chow Chow. Here's my Chow... The testing company said that a Purebred dog had to be in the lineage no farther back than Grandparent to get a "major" ID. Save your money, buy your pups some toys instead, you'll get more use from them. Mike
  12. We use Frontline Plus because it works on Deer Ticks, which we have many here. It works well and we have had no ill effects using it. On the flip side, I tell anyone who will listen or asks, I would NEVER use Vectra 3d ever again. Don't let your Vet talk you into trying it. We did when it first came out, because it is supposed to control mosquitoes too. Our youngest dog had such a bad reaction to it that we had to bath him 3 times in the middle of night to get most of it off of him. He's fine now, but I would never want to see another dog go through that. Mike
  13. ...that sitting in the direct line of sight, between me and the TV, and "scoot-sitting", for lack of a better term, when I shift on the couch, to get back into direct line of sight, will not get the ball thrown any quicker. Mike
  14. I would venture a guess that Mr. McCaig is trying very hard to use this thread, in some way, in an upcoming book. Chapter 4... From Barbies to Noodles
  15. Congrats on the step forward. After seeing a group of Swafford dogs first hand, and agonizing over the decision that I couldn't bring one particular dog home, I know the kind of baby steps that are indeed big steps forward. I still think of that dog often. Thank you for rescuing and putting in the enormous amount of time that is involved to make a home for these dogs. Mike
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