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6 yr old girl and her 12 yr old dog agility team

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Wow. I'm thinking that agility is a better sport for a flexible 6-year-old than a 46-year-old whose tendons and ligaments threaten to snap at any moment with the right flex or turn! :rolleyes:


And, we'd have no childhood obesity epidemic if all the kids had to run agility. And, no dogs would be in shelters, because everyone would need a good 12-year-old girl.





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I saw that video a couple days ago and it was just the sweetest thing ever. I was also very impressed by the 6yr old handling (nice front crosses!) and her ability to memorize a course.

Very cool.....I would show my almost 7yr old daughter but I don't think we could afford two family members in agility :rolleyes:.

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Kids are the future of our sport and its great to see a young star rising. Brings back memories of when my daughter - now 15 and getting ready for her 3rd agility partner - Started with Rush he was 9 and she was 7. What a simple joy they have, no worries about "Q"ing or who their running against, just out there having fun...as should we all

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That was really, really nice! I agree that it's a wonderful activity to get kids into, for lots of reasons. It would be nice to see youth clubs. I think there is a girl scout badge in animal training now??? And a border collie is fine, just needs to be a cooperative one!


Our instructor Shelly (age 18!) has been running agility for 10 years, starting with her family's sheltie and now with her own two border collies. I posted this video before, but here is a link to the very first time my 10-year-old niece tried agility. She most certainly is understanding it quickly and is way, way lighter on her feet than her auntie! She got how to do crosses much more easily, too, perhaps as a result of all her ballet lessons. And of course, Daisy is a good sport. :rolleyes:


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