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Hi, Im new.

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Hi my name is Rachel. My family currently has 3 great border collies. Once you have one there is no going back. I absolutely adore this breed which is why Im here.


Suzy is the first. She is a 3 yo . This dog is my agility partner and pretty much my best friend. She is known to pout around the house when she doesnt get a good run but luckily is not destructive. While at agility class she finds the need to correct me by barking when make a mistake or encourage me to speed up when Im too slow. Dog Pics 014


Ace is a 2 yo split face. He is the definition of a suck up with family and close friends but show some fear around strangers that seem really threatening. Ace is my mom's partner in agility. Although hes a sweetheart he seems to think some times that his job description in agility includes being her worst nightmare. 2005 10:45:53 PM


Idgie is 7 months. She got her name through a fundraiser that was held by the Great Lakes BC Rescue (where we got her from). The name comes from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes which my brother decided to keep. She also answers to Baby, a name that my mom calls her b/c my mom dislikes the name Idgie. This little dog is too smart for her own good. She finds great creative ways to get in trouble. She has just finished beginning obedience with my brother in hopes that they will also move on to agility.




Ps I tried to include pictures of all the dogs but im not sure if it will work.

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Welcome to the Boards Roo! Sounds like you have a busy home and a great place to be a border collie. I have two rescues that are the center of our family and we adore them so very much.


You can see some pix of them in the link below. Tell your mom I love the name Idgie!

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Make sure you turn on your photobucket to PUBLIC so we can see the photo. It's asking us for your password right now.


In your 'Account Options', you can make your album public or you can set a 'read-only' or 'guest' password. Please make sure that your 'guest' password is different from your main password.

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Cheri, pardon my ignorance on BCs but is yours a 'rough coat'? That's not the same as a 'barbie collie' is it? So, what's Rob called. It's just they really have range don't they? You have too beauuutiful poochies...as does everyone of course. My guy Curly is probably a X but he looks a lot like some on this board.





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Roo, Barbie doesn't describe the coat per se. The term "Barbie Collie" refers to conformation dogs, the classic black and white marked, rough coated dogs within a certain height and weight, with certain eyes, body shape, etc. That's what a Barbie Collie refers to.


Any coat that is long is a rough coat, whether a conformation dog, a working dog, an agility dog, or any dog in-between. All Barbies have rough coats because that's apparently what the judges like, but other Border Collies have a variety of coat lengths, including rough, plus a variety of markings and such.


My Fynne, though a mutt, has a semi-rough coat, or at least I think that's the proper term. In other words, she's hairy. :rolleyes: (Click on her link in my sig line for pics.)


Welcome to the BC boards! Lots of wonderful people here, trust me!

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A Barbie Collie is a dog that was bred for its looks. It has nothing to do with the coats, though the Barbies are bred for a rough coat instead of a smooth coat because it gives them a "soft" look that the Kennel Club Judges like.


IMO, a Border Collie should be Judged and bred by how well it works, not how pretty it can stand or how fluffly of a coat it has.


If the Border Collie was bred for only for its look it would become useless in both herding AND sports such agility, wouldn't that be shame?



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Welcome, Roo! Greetings from "the other side of the Pond"! This may be just a small island off the north of Scotland, but it's very like "Border Collie Central" :rolleyes: As it's a very concentrated agricultural area (lots of smallholdings with varied livestock), Border Collies seem to make up half the dog population! I used to live in Edinburgh, where a BC was a very rare sight (so rare, in fact, that lots of folk didn't even know what they were!) - here, they're as common as dirt :eek:


So, when I came here to live, apart from wanting a BC (I'd had one as a kid) anyway, there was a far better chance of a BC than of any other breed!


Eventually, I ended up with two of them, brothers (and addictive!) from a local working farm. They've had the occasional success in the local agricultural shows (nothing "formal"), but otherwise, they are just family pets who lead a lazy, work-free life




The one on the left is Kali (dog senior, nearly 12) and the one on the right is Snorri (dog junior, 8 )


I dunno exactly how to classify them - "Farmyard Tinks" seems most appropriate!



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Your dogs are beautiful Snorri. They really look like brothers are they full or half?


I furmly believe that border collies main role should be what they were originally bred for- working (as Im sure everyone on this board does). I still however think that barbie collies are beautiful and whos to say that they do not have herding ability (I mean cant they be bred for both). Also a dog that doesnt have decent conformation isnt worth his beans b/c he will have health problems. JMO.

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Hi Roo, I'm new to the boards too, I think what the major concern over the barbie collies is, is that Herding traits are resessive, meaning they can be easily lost, whenever a dog is bred by looks and only looks, which most conformatiion dogs are, they easily lose their working abilities, which is what makes them valuable in the first place

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