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  1. It is now 40+ years since I was parted from my first-ever dog, a BC called Glen. I thought he would never have an equal, until I loved and lost my Snorri-dog, back in October '08. Snorri has a successor now, a little blue merle BC called Thorgeir. I am head-over-heels in love with Thorgeir, but he has never displaced my wonderful Snorri, and I doubt that he ever will, just like no dogs have ever displaced Glen. Do not fear to grieve over your Lost One, that would be to dishonour her, nor should you fail to love your new friend, that would not be fair. Snorri
  2. If you've been misunderstood, that may be because you didn't make yourself sufficiently clear. Personally, I don't think it's worth the time. Snorri (UK)
  3. Some may remember that my wonderful collie boy Snorri was epileptic, and we managed to control his siezures very well, with phenobarbitone (although different dogs may do differently on different drugs). We managed to keep him free for nearly 7 years, during which he was a normal, happy little boy - so, you see, it CAN be done! The siezures were, indeed, dreadful to witness, but we did know that, despite that, Snorri was feeling nothing. A human sufferer I know confirms this - the only pain he ever has is from awkward attempts at first aid, and moving him away from furniture. Snorri used t
  4. "Hmmmmm, you're doing that thing with the clicky-box again" Snorri
  5. He was back at the vet today, for a post-op check, and she's delighted with his progress so far. The stitches come out on Saturday. The worst bit is still to come..... the bill (check??) Snorri
  6. My Kali is a 14-year-old farm-born Border Collie who conned his way into a life of pet-hood. The other night, when we were feeding him, and he had his tail up, we noticed that his ass didn't look quite right (not that we make a huge habit of inspecting it, you realize ! Anyway, off he went to the vet, who diagnosed two cysts, one atop the other, in the small area between his anus and the base of his tail, so he was booked in for a small op. The vet did some extra reading-up before tackling the problem, and found that these cysts are testosterone-driven, and that a second removal o
  7. This has been posted on other forums because the author wanted the info widely distributed. This message came to us from Ali Taylor, Head of Welfare, Battersea DH. Quote: Yesterday one of our dog agility friends experienced a tragedy and wanted me to pass a special message along to all of my dog loving friends and family. Please tell every dog owner you know. Over the weekend the doting owner of two young lab mixes purchased Cocoa Mulch from Target to use in their garden. They loved the way it smelled and it was advertised to keep cats away from their garden. Their dog Calyps
  8. Funny you should say that, Kelpiegirl - I do have a portrait of Glen, painted from that photo! It hangs over my bed so that he looks down at me every night. He looked after me when I was a kid, I'd like to think he's still doing it, all these years later. Snorri
  9. This is Glen, 18 when the photo was taken a few months before his death. He was my constant companion when I was a kid, a splendid dog to be around children - protective (fiercely!) and fun. He was no relation to my current pair, but I think of him as their "spiritual daddy" - had he not paved the way, they wouldn't be here. Snorri
  10. I have always had male BCs (but female Cocker Spaniels ) and have always found them affectionate. In fact, my 10y.o. boy Snorri stays about like a bit of stepped-on gum ( ). There's no way he's going anywhere without his people. I did find that the female Spaniels could be a bit stand-offish, but then, they weren't Border Collies! Snorri
  11. This is my Boy Kali (Rognvaldr Kali Kolsson Orkneyjar Jarl), who will be 14 on 24 April this year. I think he is looking in pretty good shape for an oldie (although he will always be "my puppy dog"), and the vet seems to agree. I am hoping he will - at least - equal my first ever Border Collie, who reached 19 - and maybe even beat him? Snorri P.S. edited to add a bit of sad news - his litter-sister "Spotty" has recently died of cancer
  12. Hi there! I've been away a while: I have been in hospital - they chopped my left leg off (diabetes). Although I'm home now, I'm still in a wheelchair, and this is why Kali and Snorri have to learn "peep-peep!" (Think Roadrunner ). So far, I haven't run over any paws or tails, but for such an intelligent breed, they are being remarkably slow on the uptake this time! In fact, Snorri is still trying to get into the wheelchair with me. Kali sits down in front of the wheels and has a scratch whenever he's told to move! ****** dogs! Snorri
  13. My two may be of working farm stock, but they are now very accustomed to the warmth and dryness of the house. When offered the chance to go out for "business", they do check out the weather before they go! If they're forced to go out in the rain (eg before bedtime), thay come back very quickly! It doesn't help that, where I live, the rain is more often horizontal than vertical! One day, when I was walking Kali, it started to hail. Very carefully, he positioned himself so that I was creating a "hail-shadow" for him to walk in! Snorri
  14. We used to take "the Boys" back to their birthplace every few months (the farm is in changed circumstances now, so we don't do it now ). It was pretty obvious that they knew the place, but we were never sure if they knew their mum. Her attitude was a bit more clear, though, especially with Kali - "Hmmmm, I thought I'd got rid of you ages ago"! Snorri's dad (and Kali's litter-brother) wasn't very pleased to see either of them - he's the farm "boss dog" now, and regarded them as interlopers, family or not. I would like to think that when Snorri arrived here as a small pup, Kali recogn
  15. You could try stealing this...... If it's suitable, of course! Snorri
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