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  1. I am having Jack back to my place April 4-6th. $240 for a working spot and $30 to audit. email me at fleetwoodfarm at hotmail dot com if interested.
  2. I believe i have trained one of her female pups for a friend. I even bred my Rock dog to the pup i trained for that friend and kept 2 of the pups and am training 3 more of the pups from the litter. If i recall properly she is sensitive but keen. I would take her in if she could be transported north near me in loudoun county. Waltfeasel at hotmail dot com
  3. I have one working spot that has just opened. Email me if you wish to take it so I can reserve it first come.
  4. The clinic is now full. Auditing is still available. I have several working spots for the Jack Knox Clinic I will be hosting from March 30th - April 1st. Working spots are $220. No single or 2 day options. Email me at fleetwoodfarm at hotmail dot com for entry or download attachment. Walt 2012 fleetwood farm jack knox clinic.pdf
  5. Sit him on his rump with his back to your belly and push on his belly between the belly button and his scrotum. They should pop down and out. they can be tricky to get a band around but that is the best way I have found to getting them.
  6. Debbie, If it is having this trouble at 3 weeks and it sounds like it is unlikely that it is even trying to graze. I myself would think putting it down would be the better option.
  7. Maja, Here are some old recipes I ran across when looking to making mutton hams. May have to try the corned mutton next. You got me hungry. Forgot the link: http://www.vintagerecipes.net/recipes/ Told you I was hungry.
  8. Bill, Well done. Looks like you have this nailed. Only if they listen. Passed this on to friends.
  9. Jan, Sheep do need copper. They just need a small amount of it. I have not seen copper shown as a percent, usually it is in parts per million ppm. If your mineral is formulated specifically for sheep you are probably good if not I wouldn't use it. Here is a link about copper for sheep. http://www.merricks.com/tech_copper_req.html .3457% is equal to 3457ppm which would kill a cow. Look at your label again and see if it says 0.3457 ppm? They usually switch from % to ppm as you go down the mineral ingredients.
  10. Julie, I can't say that the reason you don't get the organs back is due to disease, cyst or anything like that or just plain ole screw ups. I am sure Jimmy can tell if there is something wrong with the organs. I would would just leave it up to his discretion. Tell him I said hey. Walt
  11. I ran across this article the other day and thought it interesting reading. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/...80608213756.htm And here is the technical report http://www.rbej.com/content/pdf/1477-7827-6-21.pdf It basically says that increasing the fat in the diet during flushing improves chances that rams are born.
  12. Here are some pictures of quads from a clinic I went to this past weekend.
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