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  1. Back then, Collies were Border Collies. The word "Border" was later added to distinguish the working Collie from the new Show Collie. Many people still call their Border Collies just Collies or Sheepdogs. Cool picture!
  2. How many of these above dogs go back to the Blue or whatever the dogs name was who was registered on a merit through ISDS without a known pedigree? Can you post your carrier dog's pedigrees? And the "farm" dogs from the UK? And maybe a few example pedigrees of the other working dogs being tested and prove as carriers thatyou know of? We test for CEA because blind dogs are useless as sheepdogs. And yes, I've seen dogs/heard of dogs affect by it. I've also seen/heard of dogs with epilepsy and deafness in young dogs. TNS and CL? Never.
  3. As much as Iwould love to believe it wouldn't affect any of these small scale quality breeders I believe it will, maybe not this time but next time. Next it will be a mandatory spay/neuter law unless you do have a licenses and are inspected. I hate puppy mills but the answer isn't stronger detailed laws. The answer is simply enforcing the current laws. If you can't enforce the current laws with these large mills now, how are you going to enforce new more detailed laws? If the current laws were harshly enforced today, the money from the violations could employee the much needed ma
  4. I was the one who brought it to the attention of Eileen that Elise's mother had passed away. When I talked to Elise (yes, I did take that time, like I stated in my last post) she had stated her mother had passed away recently. I believe she was dealing with it by filling that "void" with Border Collies and I can only guess that is how her father originally felt about it. She seemed interested in rescue, however that worked out, I do not know. I did not get any impression from her at that time through IM that she was still interested in breeding after the postings here. BUT. We k
  5. Or was Jake actually neutered and still producing puppies?
  6. If you and your dad leave, who is going to take care of your sisters 4 dogs while she comes and stays the night a couple nights a week? This just doesn't sound like a good situation for for her dogs or yours. As a landlord, if I say one dog, I mean one dog all month long. Not one dog half the month and a extra 1-5 the other half.
  7. I don't believe I ever defended her from what I wrote. I did talk to her in a IM (once, maybe twice) and she was very insistent on the fact that she'd be spaying and neutering her dogs. We also talked about why a Border Collie should and should not be bred. I asked all the right questions and she gave the right answers. If I am correct, her mother had recently passed at the time and I chalked most of it up to being attention seeking behavior. Clearly, years later, that is not the case. So for anyone on this board who believes no one spent the time and effort to help this gir
  8. DISTURBING EVIDENCE According to the second thread above, Jake, is altered. According to the the website, Jake (spelled differently), is now owned by the breeder and is a breeding dog? Isn't it hard to breed a dog that has been altered? Damn near impossible I think. Unless . . . Katelynn
  9. It took me about four years to get my oldest female to like water. She has been a dock dog ever since. And she will be 13 this year and is still jumping! All my dogs swim and none of them started out that way, it took lots of effort. I only have one that still would rather not but will to retrieve a ball if someone else from the pack isn't there to get to it first (maybe she just doesn't like the race like the other ones). Katelynn
  10. Anyone remember a few years ago that girl posted about her Border Collies she was going to breed? Her brother and dad got on to say they weren't breeders and would never breed their dogs? Elise " " was her name. Well, I just counted 43 dogs on a site "maintained" by her which includes the dogs they "weren't ever going to breed." All 43 are breeding dogs besides 4 which are said retired ones. According to the site, all the dogs but two are now owned by "Claudia Wheeler" who is the LLC holder for this little breeding business. On this site, it says it is very rare that a puppy of the
  11. My dogs still point. They could make some awesome bird dogs. Oh, did I mention they do dock jumping too? Katelynn
  12. I teach a drop in agility class. I have dogs, mutts and dogs of all breeds (not any Border Collies, funny enough) running a basic coarse successfully within minutes. By their third drop in (5 runs each drop in) they are ready for an intermediate class. A dog is only as good as its trainer and handler when it comes to agility, there is no natural instinct these dogs need to be bred for. So the question is silly and the deed is down right stupid. As for working dogs being good at agility and other sports. I have a nice little pack of working bred dogs. My oldest is 11, going to be 12 i
  13. As a breeder, you should only be breeding to better the breed. In this case, breeding to better the breed is ONLY breeding dogs whose working ability is superior. Any mutt off the street can do agility (or any sport for that matter), enjoy it and be good at it. Sports are just for fun, no one needs to depend on correct breeding to be successful at them or have fun. Rachers and farmers do depend on their dogs and their breed to do things correctly becasue livestock and money depends on them. Katelynn
  14. So I have a friend who owns a Border Collie. She believes the dog to be working bred, I'd consider the dog sport bred. The dog is younger, a bit stir crazy and isn't as sound as she should be. We've had chats about the breed, show bred vs. working bred vs. sport bred. We've talked breeders and health testing, everything under the sun. Shes been to these Boards and has read. Sadly, her opinion on working dogs isn't what I'd think and the ideals shes gotten from this Board isn't want I'd want. First, she is a firm believe that all working dogs are bred without off switchs. I p
  15. Is he still on puppy food? Sorry to hear about the news. OCD and CHD suck.
  16. I like the brat of the litter. My two favorite dogs (working wise and just in general any sort of working/training) are my two hardest. I like dogs that push me as much as I push them and then some. Not that I do much of working dogs these days.
  17. I guess you just missed reading the second half of my post?
  18. The fluff, yes. There are traits such as the coat which are to each their own but excessive coat like that in the show ring is not desirable. These dogs have to have coats that are low maintenance. My dogs come in, covered/soaked/drenched in a muddy pudding and after drying, they are clean again. There just isn't enough time in life to have to keep washing and bathing a dog that was suppose to be bred for work and should maintain a clean coat naturally. This isn't even thinking of them getting brush stuck in their coats and have to groom that out. There are some rougher coats in the
  19. No, really it is not hypocritical for a working breeder/handler (most are both) to make a negative comment on a dogs appearance. Especially when a certain "type" proves repeatedly useless or less then desirable for the purpose of which the breed was/is (and should only be) created for. Katelynn
  20. I think its great. I wish they all hated the working bred dog so much that they'd close their stud book. I think me and my dogs have no feelings because none of us could care less what anyone says about any of us. hahaha
  21. I love when people give dogs people emotions. Their dogs, really. They have emotion, I know, I do rescue and I see it in every pull BUT they do not have emotion like people. My dogs don't sit and listen to my calls or read my emails to see what I am saying about them. They do not understand death, money, beauty or regret like we do. That is why dogs are so beautiful and when we take that away from them to start giving them human emotions we do them a great dishonor.
  22. If you can get your vet to call in some Tamiflu for him, it works wounders. Being a adult, Freedom would need the pill form. Katelynn
  23. I am guessing the owner of the dog does agility, tracking or obedience with her other dogs and wanted to do the same with this new dog, reasoning for the ILP. It seems most people do not ILP their dogs to do their "herding" in the AKC but for the other "sports" they offer. She could contact the BCSA and see if they can do something about it. I think I remember reading that they were reviewing a rejected dog's ILP and moved to pass it in their minutes but I'm not sure. Do they need photos to give full registration to ISDS or ABCA dogs? And do they deny those dogs on appearance alone
  24. Karrin, I believe you took my reply as offensive? It wasn't meant to be. I am positive that Viki knows Border Collies should work sheep which is why my reply was meant jokingly. I said I believe its all Border Collie which is based only on the dogs keen expression and stance. And yes, Kelpie's work sheep and I am very aware of that. Did you know it is rumor that Kelpie breed found its name because of a smooth coated black and tan Border Collie bitch which was exported from the UK to Australia named 'Kelpie?' There are very few, if any, breeds in existence, other then the Border
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