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  1. We moved here to Arkansas from So Cal in June of last year and were renting all this time. WE HAVE FOUND THE PERFECT HOUSE and bought it! We close next week. So, one more move and we are home for good!
  2. We are moving out to the country near the lake, which is the same county but with no licensing laws for dogs that are not in city limits. PS AK - I would love to have you as our vet, thaks for all your time and advise here on the boards!
  3. Laura, I spoke with our new vet here in Arkansas on Saturday about the same thing. We are moving out of city limits next month and here in Arkansas they require annual rabies, etc, where in SO Cal rabies was every three years to be licensed. Having an epi dog with one kidney, I hate the thought of pumping all that stuff into her if she doesn't need it. The vet has AGREED! And we will titre both dogs on their next annual. She did recommend annual bordatella because up where we are moving many people let their dogs roam (drives me crazy). But the rest including rabies she will
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