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She will be first in my thoughts tomorrow. Meg has been home since Thursday. By Friday night she was acting like nothing had ever happened. Our vet wrapped her midsection, fur and all, around and around with Medical adhesive tape over a moleskin like belly bandage covering the stitches. We take that off tonight. ACK!!! I have no idea how to keep from hurting her. Five days after that we get the stitches out.


She's been five days without a ball being rolled on the floor more than ten feet. She's acting extremely needed and submissive, and when she pounced on the cat in a bound up the stairs and slammed into the wall I yelled at her. I thought she was going to dissolve in a sea of self pity.


I keep telling myself, I got through worms, I got through poplar buds, I'm managing halfway potty training, I got through construction power tool hysteria, I got through nettles on the belly, and the humiliation of dog trainers thinking I was a idiot. I can get through this with her.


I'm saying this now, knowing full well that she has five more housebound, restricted days ahead.


River will be fine. Too fine. Be prepared to batten down the hatches. Keep her close, and provide plenty of things to satisfy neurotic deflected enery.

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Prayers for her tomorrow! I am sure she will be fine! I just had Cheyenne spayed a month or so ago, lucky for me she is content to just lay around anyway! I too think the keeping quiet for 10 days will be rougher than the surgery! Take deep breaths! She will be fine!

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I'm thinking of you. Mine just went through that 2 weeks ago and I too was a nervous wreck. You'll both be in my thoughts.

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