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BC Intelligence, once again?

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I use a clicker to shape new behaviours for Finn. He grasps things much faster when I initially use the clicker, then phase it out with word and motion cues.


The other night, while we were watching TV, Finn nonchalantly took the clicker off of the coffee table, within a few seconds, figured out how to click it, and immediately looked around for a treat.


I guess I asked for it when I went for this breed. :rolleyes:

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What a pretty tri.


Stupid dogs are too smart for their own good. Are your doggie snacks under lock and key?


I'm wondering how much they learn just from watching us. The question here; is Jin going to teach himself how to operate the ice cube dispenser.

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Bahahaha, I'm so glad you're all in the same boat as me. Not that I'd expect any less. :rolleyes:


Lizmo, he's doing great! I can't believe he's almost 4 months already. I'll have to take some pics today and/or tomorrow for you (and everyone else!) - my backyard is almost completely fenced now for him to romp, I just need to verify a few corners and patch them with chainlink!

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Stealing the clicker is Poe's favorite game lol. Even funnier is when Jackson comes running over to get a treat and the sad look on his face when he realizes that I'm not the one with the clicker.


I had the exact same thing - heard a click and Ben came runing - went into the lounge to see Mia prancing round the room happy as anything clickclickclicking away - I treated them both lots - and put the clicker in a safe place

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