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  1. Laurie S., you sound like you are smart, focused and hard working. You should be able to relate to your new Border Collie just fine. Get in, sit down, buckle up.
  2. I don't see any method. I just seeing puppies obeying the 'down' command.
  3. I like that Cesar persuades people to walk their dogs. I didn't think I could walk my three together until I started watching his show. Now I walk them nearly every day, and if they're not walked, they run at the park. What I don't understand is when he talks about projecting energy. Do you just assume the dominant role? Act with confidence? I don't think I can bluff my way through that. Not to get off the subject, but I think I'm leaning more towards Temple Grandin's approach that dogs really are like our children, and if we just assume the parent role, it all works as it should. I do
  4. thank you, yes it was preventive heartworm medication.
  5. My vet told me Border Collies can have what is called "leaky brain membrane," and that is why they may be sensitive to some medications. For example, I had to get the kind of heart worm prevention that will not leak through a leaky membrane. I had never heard of that. Anyone else hear of a "leaky membrane?"
  6. I'm into art. I like pastels because they have the least amount of binder than any medium. In other words, they have the most pigment. There is no solvent used to apply the pigment, so there is no drying and color changing in the process. The pigments don't fade and when applied on acid free paper, don't crack or deteriorate. It's also a very tactile way to make art, because you don't use a brush or any tool that comes between you and the surface. It's just you and the pigment. I am currently working on a "working dog" theme, as I feel passionately about maintaining the characteristics of
  7. That's just what I was thinking! And I was thinking that the people I have respect for have qualities I really admire, or talent in a specific area. And then I was thinking about "pretend" respect, like I've seen from some people at work towards The Man. It's a good thing dogs won't stoop to pretending respect. If they don't respect or admire you or love you, it's painfully obvious. But I think if they love you, if they just like hanging out with you and playing with or working with you, they respect you, too. It pretty much goes hand in paw. Sue
  8. Yeah, that's a good point. But if a dog seems ravenous PLUS underweight, I'd sure give more. One of my dogs used to have real food issues. I think he must have fended for himself for awhile before I adopted him, maybe something like that. Or could be never got enough to eat. He was real skinny when I got him. He always acted like he was hungry, even when I knew he wasn't. He has been putting on weight lately, so he has been getting less. He also doesn't have the food issues he used to have, where he always acted like it was his last meal. He just eats slowly instead of attacking his fo
  9. My Peevey was only 8 when she started losing her hearing. She had black ears and brown eyes.
  10. Has anyone ever known a white spot on a black nose to be prone to skin cancer? I know someone who always puts sunscreen on her dog's nose. Is this necessary? Here is a picture of Pete's nose. It's sort of hard to see in this picture and I can take a better picture if necessary. Thoughts? Experience? Thank you, Sue P.S. Cute, isn't he?
  11. You could also go by her appetite level. Her body is probably telling her whether or not she needs more calories. Does she seem absolutely ravenous at feeding time? Does she wolf it down and want more? If so, she probably needs more. Sue
  12. JIN IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those pictures of him are making me all teary. I can see why you love him so much.
  13. It's a relief to come back and know he is still hanging in there. One day at a time...
  14. You name us and then you call us something else. For Pete's sake. Pete
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