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Im so happy that i joined this forum! For weeks I nagged my mum to get a border collie puppy. She said no (because I will leave home in a couple of years and I might not be aloud to take the border collie with me) but she also said I would be aloud one if it was the same age as our dog we have now which is 10 years old. So I went on the internet and researched about a border collies before I was to get one. I looked fr weeks on the RSPCA sites and finally I found the BC I was looking for, Gus. He was the only 10 yr old purebred BC in the whole NSW RSPCA. We travelled 4 hours to go see if we liked him. When we got there, I instantly fell in love with him ( I think it was meant to be). They said the previous owners got a new landlord and were not aloud to keep him. We took him home and the good thing is he is very well trained. Good with other dogs, good in cars, doesnt chase cats and doesnt bark at strangers. He has settled in well (but needs to lose a bit of weight) :D


I hope to learn more about Bcs from this forum






This is gus :rolleyes:



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Gus is a great looking fellow! Congratulations on your new arrival. While puppies are great fun (most of the time) :rolleyes:, getting an older dog is a great way to find out about the breed. Your mum is a smart lady :D

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Darcy, Way to go to you and your Mum for thinking up this wonderful solution! You've got a bc and Gus has a home - that is just a great idea.


I've got 2 12 yr old girls and a 9 yr old boy myself. One of the girls might be even 13, we don't have any way to really know. They've got plenty of pizzazz left in 'em.


Thanks for giving Gus a home - he looks like a real sweet guy.


Ruth n the BC3

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Hi and welcome. I think it's great that you rescued an older BC. He sure does look happy.

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