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  1. Thanks, we've had him since he was 8 weeks and it seems as though there has been a sudden change in behavior. It is not in the unacceptable realm - still appropriate, just not as accomodating - where before she would seek out play and instigate it, now she's grumping at him. I was wondering if she just views him as too big now to play like that. On the other hand, all 4 of my dogs are now sneezing much more then usual, so maybe, much like myself she's grumpy because she has a cold. Do dogs get colds?
  2. Well this was the first year we got skunked so I vote for worse. --Denise
  3. Well we got a new puppy -- of the dreaded lab variety see pic below Actually his momma's an english pointer, I'm going on a guess that the dad's a lab. Lily has taken to him quite well, he's just turned 12 weeks this week and I have noticed that she's getting a bit grumpier with Chance. When is the age when most pups lose their puppy license. Is this a bit young or is she behaving properly. I noticed that the land-shark mode has kicked in this past week. The warnings are low growls - which Chance responds to by immediately backing off. She did go off a bit more vocally onc
  4. Well, whether to train all 3 or just one is up to you. We have all 3 on, but the neighbors Bloodhound comes for visits to play with Lily, and Lily is unbothered when Dixie Joe desides its time to head for home. I think you could do it. I think it probably did help to have all 3 on the same plan to begin with though. Regarding leaving via exit point. I do not mess with that, we either leave by car or stay within boundaries. The IF consultant we spoke with said that he advised using a word that you would not use in any other capacity to let them know when it was ok to cross, however tha
  5. Make sure that you are in control of the situation, and don't let the guest dog bully your dogs, stop it at the first signs and don't let it escalate. If she/he doesn't let your dogs near, nip it in the bud when it starts and crate when it happens. Also something that really has helped us, not to go too Ceasar Milan, but walking as a group for some reason has fixed many of our grievances. Lily used to be too aggressive trying to play with old by Archie, until we were able to walk them together because of the Invisible fence, it was an almost immediate acceptance. Perhaps the idea that as a
  6. Its kinda like that, though opposite. There was actually puppy play today, we had some bitey face and stick grabbing and such, it might work out fine. The funny thing is, Lily is the one who wants all of the playing, she's been living in this house with 2 old beagles (13 years old) and finally we have some young blood and she's exstatic. Now she does have the neighbor Bloodhound and Boxer (who roam free ugh) that she plays with and its a joyous wrestle match and race around the pond. She loves other dogs, she just doesn't seem to realize this one weighs about 15 pounds to her 50. She's a
  7. We have my friends 12 week old lab pup for 2 weeks while they go home to Holland and she is so cute! The beagles are fine with her, but Lily wants to play so bad, but is scaring the bejesus out of her. Lily is playing as she does with full grown dogs and this one is smaller then my beagles. Any advice on how to keep the play appropriate. Lily does not seem to have realized that she's no longer such a pup herself. I plan on taking them for some walks tomorrow thinking that will help, and just trying for lots of calm time. The good news is its not a jealous thing, just a why aren't y
  8. Try a search for petsafe training mauals if you can't find it, ought to get you the paper version. I don't think I even looked at the video.
  9. I have 2 beagles that yes find the sofa much more appealing then most other things, other then food that is. That being said their demeanor is almost saintlike, well my boy is anyway. Recall is really not easy with them, when they catch a smell, their brains turned off. However now that they have the invisible fence, their recall is excellent and stay with me. much like Lily. Without the fence, Lily might dart off but she always circled back almost immediately. The beagles have gotten 45 minutes up the creek and were two exhausted to make their way back. They eat a third as much
  10. I think it took just short of the 2 weeks? Its been almost a year now that we've used it. Lily is very prey driven, it took one giant leap following a deer, and a good yelp and turn back for her to never want to chance it again. my beagles are not as smart, and they took a little longer but are completely trustworthy as well. Good luck. Follow the directions, don't get cocky too early, and look at the age range I think its 4 months for pups? I hope you have the same success. --Denise
  11. I have had fabulous results with my PetSafe invisible fencing. My 3 dogs are much happier for it. I can walk all 3 without leashes on our 10 wooded acres that we included in our fencing loop. It did not cause my dogs to be afraid to be in the backyard, because after they had the negative consequense I.e. the shock, I followed the instructions and gave positive rewards for being in the good area. Which is key. The step they give you to train are keeping in good dog psychology. Lily has broken away from me chasing a second behind a deer and stops at the fence boundary. It has dramatical
  12. okay, note to self, do not refer to self as hoosier while visiting St. Louis in the future. See these boards are quite educational.
  13. People use the phrase "white trash" down here where we would use hoosier okay, note to self, do not refer to self as hoosier while visiting St. Louis in the future. See these boards are quite educational.
  14. Well when we picked out our beagles so many years ago (12?) the breeder said pups that are focused on you are more trainable. at 10 weeks, Edie was at our feet getting the most attention, Archie was running backwards doing is own thing. Edith was by far the more trainable for little tricks because she wanted our attention/love so much. Archie was by far the most calm, faithful saintly dog you can imagine. Just not as worried about everything we do. So to some extent I think he was right. However, I'd like to not have my future judged on the way I behaved at 5, I would say I've changed.
  15. Aww I appreciate the apology, I was just trying to pull your leg though. I was wondering if hoosiers have a reputation elsewhere that I didn't know about, though admittedly there are some pretty strange ones. No offence really. regarding the original topic, I always remember the case where a girl was raped and murdered with everyone watching and no one responding. I never want to be that person, so at times I take action when I shouldn't. so be it. I have annoyed people pretty severely. --Denise
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