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  1. Absolutely agree. And I may have missed the explanation but why aren't you in favor of spaying? It's really non-invasive now (much lower risk than whelping). The incision is tiny. And like other commenters, I don't mean to preach or bore you but there's no reason to breed your dog, no matter how wonderful she may be. I wish every dog on Earth- and human, if I'm being honest- had a disposition a third as wonderful as my BC mix Ingrid does. But, I had her spayed as soon as I could because literally for every Ingrid sitting on my couch, there are thousands who don't make it. And most of the time there's not a thing wrong with those dogs save for the fact that they have nowhere to go.
  2. They are super cute. I would vote Aussie mixes as well- Aussies are sometimes born bobtailed, sometimes not, so who knows. They're both breeds that were standardized more according to performance than appearance, at least in their early development. I've never heard of someone getting a reliable result from a DNA test- but personally I think the mystery is part of the fun with a mix. My BC mix is supposedly half newf but she weighs 51 pounds. So, that's what I tell people when they ask (you can tell who knows what a newfoundland is by the looks of incredulity).
  3. I think he meant he may be adopting a dog that came from this type of breeder originally- I may be wrong. But Gary the dog you pick up on Sunday will be perfect because your IQ is bigger than your shoe size and you love your dogs. I live in Missouri- so idiot breeders like this are everywhere. We have one large pet store chain and in a matter of weeks will have another selling "pedigreed puppies." It makes me want to throw rocks. I don't know what to do other than tell everyone I know why this is wrong, why you don't buy dogs from the paper, or the internet, or the side of the road. The problem I find is that most people don't get it. They just don't. They don't see the difference between buying and adopting in the first place, and even if they do, they don't "want a dog with problems." They think every breeder breeds because they love dogs. It's just a very difficult subject when so many people are so woefully uneducated, and so many others are out taking advantage of that.
  4. Your boyfriend? Do he and your husband get along well? I hope your job search goes well. And then I hope to see puppy pictures.
  5. It takes a while- our Aussie Arthur found us in late June (the vet's guess was that he was about 7 months old, so not far from your dog) and he still doesn't play with toys the way our Ingrid does. He's showing more interest, he's less frightened of balls that squeak, but he doesn't get the whole fetch concept. Peanut butter on a frisbee is a good idea- but maybe do the same thing with a Kong, too, because that will bounce around a little and maybe get her more interested.
  6. She's lovely- I have a shy dog too- and I agree with the games and treats plan. That, and just be patient with her. Once she trusts you she'll start to come around on her own. It takes time and you don't always see progress in big jumps but it will happen. Once we had our shy guy in the house, it took him almost a week to calmly walk through a doorway. We don't know why, but he was quite frightened of them. It took him another several days to hop down from the couch (although the concept of climbing onto the couch posed no problem). I'm not as experienced as a lot of people here, but I would say don't coddle her, don't let her opt out of too many things because she is scared, but let her take her time. Treats go a long way. She'll do great now that she's in the care of someone who loves her.
  7. I agree double the daily expenses. If you are planning on getting a dog though and have saved and prepared for the starting costs, it shouldn't be too bad. We've had a bit of a struggle since Arthur showed up but he's well worth it. I've never been sorry for a second that he found us.
  8. The bit that made me angriest was this " That white Aussie is advertising the Australian Shepherd breed every where it goes." Um, hey. If you're so concerned about them existing, how about just not creating them? And rather than worrying about what sort of marketing message a dog sends, how about just encouraging responsible husbandry? What an irresponsible website.
  9. Thanks for the links - I have read the abstracts but not the full articles yet. Thankfully the subject has not come up in some time- but I'm sure it will again. Good to be equipped. Thanks so much for all of your input. I bet people lie when they turn in their dogs! How terrible. I actually had another discussion with a completely different customer about taking the dog to the pound for euthanasia. I never cease to be shocked at how poorly some treat their pets. On a nicer note, I was talking to one of the regulars I like about his dog and he said, " I would give that dog my kidney, I love him so much." I have no idea why precisely a golden retreiver would need a human kidney, but it was a sweet sentiment.
  10. It's not the reason we adopted her, but having Ingrid has improved Pasqual's interdog issues tremendously. He doesn't want her around all of the time, but I think he grudgingly likes having her here, sort of, in his own angry little way. And on the other side, I think little Arthur would be a very different dog if Ingrid wasn't here to show him how to play, how to walk on a leash, etc. He has a great deal pf anxiety, not just separation anxiety, the poor thing is just nervous all of the time. But when things seem okay to Ingrid, they seem okay to Arthur too. He's still at the point where he trusts her a lot more than he trusts people. Ingrid's our middle dog- and I'm afraid she's our only sane one. She's a great help to her crazy brothers. So- from my limited experience, I think if you can find a sane one it's a good idea.
  11. Arthur has a million of these little fears. He hates when we sweep, he hates when we empty the dishwasher, anything that makes noise makes him cower. Sometimes I worry that he's never going to be happy and well- adjusted.
  12. She's gorgeous- I don't see ACD either but in the picture of her standing she looks a little Aussie to me- probably just because she's long and fuzzy though. She has kind of Aussie hindquarters in that picture. I hope everything goes well for you guys.
  13. Ingrid changed color in a few places- a few months after she lost her puppy coat she started to get sort of a sable and white ticking round her eyes and on her hindquarters. It looked very odd at first. Around her eyes it looked like she was losing her fur.
  14. I bet even if she's acting pissy she's secretly happy to see you. I'm glad she's home.
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