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  1. Have faith... and patience... Finnegan was afraid of EVERYTHING when we brought him home at 9 weeks. Good grief. He was our 4th BC and I'd never had one who was afraid of any new thing he was introduced to. He's turning 3 in September and he grew out of his fear. The one thing I can say is try and keep everything as positive as possible and go slowly. We made a HUGE mistake of introducing him to the 'small dogs' dog park thinking it would be a good way to socialize him since he was so small at 12 weeks old. The small dogs thought they could jump all over him and of course, it freaked him
  2. oh yeah. Let's see .... I was at a friend's house for a party when I got a call on my cell phone "hi, we found your dog Clover wandering around the neighborhood"... Oh crap. DH had let everyone out to pee while I was out and forgotten Clover outside and she saw people (her most favorite thing in the whole, wide world) and decided to leave our porch to go say hello. Called DH and he went and got her... Next time, it was my fault. Let all the dogs out to potty at night and thought I counted everyone back in...turns out one of my 2 red girls, Zena (the other is.... surprise, Clover!) had
  3. I feel your pain Katrice. I would recommend a behaviorist as well. If North Carolina is close enough, NC State has a Behavioral Science program <NCSU Behavioral Medicine>. I saw a Resident there but they have a (non student) Behaviorist or two on staff as well. My Resident(Dr Hopfensperger) was excellent but she's going into private practice in the next couple of months and won't be with NCSU anymore... you might be able to find her online. I have one dog who is fear aggressive and one dog who is obsessive like yours. The fear aggressive dog is doing WONDERFULLY on Prozac and behavi
  4. I have a couple of 50-lb lap dogs, a dog that will give run-by-lickings....another that will come and sit with his butt on the couch and his front paws on the ground. Border collies are the best
  5. I have found that playing Chuck-it, Frisbee, garden hose, etc it great and all for my two regular Border Collies but it doesn't really tire out my two highest energy kids. The only thing that will get those monkeys to settle is a nice hike in the woods. We go off leash and they like to run ahead and to the side and play in the stream and the trees. Every few minutes I will quietly stop and the dogs come racing back along the paths looking for me. I trained this behavior when we first started these hikes by praising and treating them every time they would come back to me without asking aft
  6. I have 2 girls from the same line... one is always a nice deep red and the other always fades to a pale red/orange. They both spend the same amount of time outside and I think it's just their individual coats...
  7. Thanks for the recommendation, Julie... and this is an interesting topic... lots of things I didn't think about when it comes to sheep and what is best for them. I am definitely going to look into starting Treibball here...
  8. I don't have an answer for you but OMG she is adorable!!!
  9. Have you thought about getting an in-home sitter? I don't have specific advice about boarding kennels because I personally wouldn't do that...it's not right for my kids' temperament. With 5 dogs it's also a lot cheaper to have someone come to the house
  10. Considering the fact that I drive an hour and a half each way now... no, it's not Thanks!
  11. It took one of our dogs 3 exposures and going from 3 sheep to an entire flock of sheep for her light bulb to come on... don't be discouraged!
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