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Yesterday I had to let my Digger dog go. He died peacefully, looking into my eyes.

Digger was not a border collie, so perhaps I shouldn't post about him, and if so, my apologies. I've been a member of this forum for some time and feel I want to tell you all.

Digger came to me close to 11 years ago, and from the moment he walked into my house the first time he fit into my household  (then two border collies and a cat),  and into my heart like a puzzle piece we had not known was missing.

Digger was a small dog with a huge personality. He had a confident sense of self and his belonging, and was unfailingly a good dog in all of the years we were together. He was probably 15, although I don't know as he was adult when he came to me.  He was exceptionally intelligent, on the level of a border collie. We did musical freestyle dancing together and he was a great performer. Everyone who knew him liked him.

Everyone thought he must have some terrier in him, both by his appearance and his personality. There was possibly some chihuahua, as he had the wide set large eyes and pointed nose, but he weighed 20 pounds. He had expressive prick ears and a double coat, short dense reddish blond with a top coat that was long and white and curly.  I wanted to find out his mix, so I sent off to Embark. After three swabs failed - they had enough DNA but couldn't type it - they wrote to me that because all three came back with the same problem he was very likely a chimera. Two embryos fuse early on in the womb, producing one dog who has two sets of DNA. Their methods are not yet sophisticated enough to type that and may never be, as it only happens about 1 in every 10,000 dogs. I was in a way not surprised, as he was very unusual in many ways.

I buried him in my back yard. My other dog, who worshipped Digger, and who I thought would have a hard time, is at peace with this, as I am. He and I both understand that, as hard as it is not to have him here, it was his time. I will always love and miss him. I was incredibly lucky to have had him in my life and will always be grateful for and to him.

Thanks for reading.



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Thanks for this lovely tribute to Digger, D'Elle, and I'm sorry for your loss of an exceptional friend.  I'm glad you shared with us, and I'm glad you are also at peace with his passing.


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So sorry for your loss, D'Elle.  Digger sounds like he was an honorary border collie!   I would have loved you to post a photo of him since your post was so descriptive and expressive.  A wise breeder told me years ago that this never gets easier no matter how many dogs you have, and she was so right.  We all feel your loss.   

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Thank you all for your kind responses. "Honorary border collie" is a lovely thought.

I am heartbroken at the loss of him and miss him terribly, as I suspect I always will. But as we know, this is the deal we make and will make over and over because it is a thousand times worth it for having such a spirit as a companion.

Here are a couple of photos of him. 




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