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For the past few years Ive followed the US Canine Biathlon. This year I made the trip to run in it with Kolt. It was a blast! Totally challenging but managed to finish the course in a pretty decent time. The Alabama heat was a lot for us northerners but the numerous water and mud obstacles helped us survive the heat!


Not many pictures of us since we didnt take our phones on the course (because, water!!) but here are a few of the course we ran. It was a really well run event and Were definitely planning on making the trip again!








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If youre interested, dont let age alone hold you back! The oldest person who completed the course was in their 70s. The winner of the civilian division was a 44 y/o woman. They give a sweet age handicap....


This one takes place in Anniston Al. Its put on the the director of Vapor Wake K9 (a detection dog company). But there is one in in West Virginia this fall put on by Logan Haus kennel. Im thinking about signing up for it...

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Look like a great way to have fun with your dog! If they had one here and if I had a suitable dog, which I do not currently, I would do it. No chance I would place, maybe not even complete the course, but that wouldn't matter - it would be a blast.

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Mddvm - those are cool photos. Gives me an idea of some of the obstacles.


Mara - Just had to say the Kolt has the most wonderful expression on his face. So proud!!


And I checked out the October canine biathlon in WV. OMG. It is only 2 hours from me!


Must get off my plump a$$ and start moving. Maybe, maybe not.

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Thanks Jovi - he was in his groove after he got over the fact that he thought I was nuts! :D


And Im convinced that the ideal dog size for this is over 30# but under 45# - big enough to do almost everything independently but small enough to assist at the one or two places it was needed!! And theyre big enough to help pull you along a bit :D

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We had so much fun last year that we went again this year. Kolt rocked the 4.25 miles course and all the obstacles! there were some doozies - Culverts, 1/4 mile through a rocky creek, mud crawls, concrete hurdles, A-frames, plunges into pools to name a few. We bettered our time from last year and managed to finish in the top 10% in the women’s division! 










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