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  1. @urge to herd This is all cool to think about. Especially the part about his reacting to ones you couldn't hear, and what that might mean. Because I'm sure the reaction of the humans plays some part, consciously or subconsciously, too. A human knows what's on TV or recorded isn't real, so isn't moved, and dog isn't moved. I happen to adore thunderstorms (having been raised in a part of Florida where they were a frequent thing, they just remind me of being a kid). My husband gets pretty nervous, though, and doesn't sleep well (whereas I love being in bed for them!) I think the last one we
  2. That's interesting. Well, here's hoping all the garbage trucks, construction noise, lawnmowers and sirens she's learned to ignore every day will insulate her a little and see her through... Either that, or she'll be the one who goes out to the country and freaks out because it's too quiet. My husband's like that. (I am not. I prefer quiet, but this is the way life rolled out.)
  3. Yeah, you're going to feel really vulnerable while he's little. My pup is almost 8 months now, and I'll say it gets better when they're a little bigger and you don't feel so exposed. When they're bigger, you can feel more peeved when people try to say crap like that (because they're being selfish and making you uncomfortable with their, "deal with it" attitude) and not so panicked and desperate. And of course it's hard, because you do have to get the little pups out and exposed to things, but all you really want to do is avoid this nonsense. But it really does get better. Hang in there. Y
  4. The move was, "go around." Sometimes it feels like she knows what I'm going to say before I even command it. Like I think it, then she beats me to it before I can say it. (Times like this make up for the times I know she knows what I want, but she decides to be a brat...haha) And then there are the times she teaches herself things...like how to open the back door when it's not locked (the cat really appreciates this one.) For some reason, that's the one that impresses our guests most. And thanks! I was thinking of getting one of those plastic baby pools and putting toys in and seeing
  5. Wow, what a cool story! Go Gracie! Dogs are amazing.
  6. D'Elle is right, you just can't trust off-leash dogs. Take another route that avoids them. For one thing, there's a big power inequity even if you dog wasn't...a puppy. Your dog was on a leash, the other one wasn't, right? That's not a good situation. But that's how you learn, so good on you. But this is why it's so rude to have dogs off leash in public. It teaches them they're king of the world, and the other dogs will never come after them (because they're leashed). More importantly, let me just say I feel you on the owner's response. I HATE THAT stupid nonchalance. I get that the
  7. I live in a large city. We have a beautiful dog park practically in my backyard. It's shady, huge, has rolling hills, a water spigot, is well kept... And I do not use it. At all. Ever. I think the city is perhaps the most problematic place for a dog park. Many people here buy or adopt dogs and then get dog walkers in the daytime. As a result, dog walkers fill these dog parks, bringing in 5 dogs at a time. Even the best dog whisperer cannot responsibly supervise 5 dogs. Add to that the stupid culture which has arisen as a result, where the owners play, "nicey nicey" when some dog is a
  8. Cutie! You're doing the right move. It just doesn't always work right away. It takes maturity for the little brain to make the decision to do the, "right" thing. As long as you're consistent about what that right thing is, eventually, when she has that ability, she'll make that decision. So hang in there, keep doing what you're doing (don't let up for a second!) and eventually, she'll get it. Puppies are kind of a pain in the butt, right? But I think she'll get it when she has the ability to follow through on what she knows is right.
  9. We sort of did this inadvertently since I work from home. We didn't use a collar and leash, though. I taught her "get in your bed" which can move around the house, wherever I want her. (That was easy: just treat in the bed. 3 times and she had it.) Then, when I want to work, I just put the bed by my desk and tell her to, "get in your bed." If she gets up to move, and I want her to settle down, I just tell her to get back in her bed. At some point, I'll get up and walk around, she'll get water, play, etc. I'll sit back down, and usually she'll get in her bed out of habit. If not, and she's not
  10. Kong makes plushies, too, and those haven't been ripped apart for us, yet. For the other plushie toys, I just take ripping apart as part of the fun. We use a toy delivery service, and she gets three a month. They start to pile up, so with a collection, she rarely spends too much time with any single one of them to disintegrate it completely. I mean, she DOES rip them apart (there's a carcass right at my feet right now in fact) but she still likes them when they're just shredded fabric as well. Sometimes she even likes them better this way. I just throw away the stuffing when this happens, and
  11. Quick Mom Brag: Carmen made the trainer blurt out, "holy shit" then cover her mouth at class last night when she learned a new move on the second try. She learns tricks/commands so quickly, everybody just rolls their eyes. #bordercolliebrains #donthatemebecauseimbrilliant She's 7 months now. She has hand signals for sit, down and come, she can stay in a group of other dogs off leash while I leave the room, her heeling and recall is really good. She's my shadow and my work buddy, and I can't remember life before her. My husband and I do long-lead fetch at the big park with her every mornin
  12. She oozes intelligence in that photo. Brains and beauty.
  13. Pretty girl! She looks like my pup's sisters. Their dad was red.
  14. We have two cats, and this one played a long game with Carmen. His strategy was just not to run away, not to fight, just to get higher than her and act casual. Eventually, she got tired of trying to get him to run, and now we have this.
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