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    This is the first year I have had babies on the farm. I keep a very small flock, just for working my dog, and, well, for pets. We had two lambs born this week, both rams, and I am just overwhelmed with the cuteness. These are true ‘mutt-sheep’ a mix between Barbado, Kathadin and Louisiana Native. Both ewes are wonderful mothers and delivered with no assistance needed. here are pictures, just because they’re cute!
  2. BookIt did this as a 6 month old puppy. Rainy-day zoomies through the kitchen, and I guess he just couldn’t stop in time, so he flew onto the counter. Fortunately he listened to my panicked ‘sit, stay’ before he could fly back off and break a leg. And of course I couldn’t turn down the photo-op, LOL
  3. We keep chickens (we also have ducks and sheep, but the chickens were there first). They free range during the daytime in the summer months, and BookIt has always helped round them up in the evening. They have been gathered by the dog from a young age and actually group very well. I have never asked him to actually ‘work’ them (through a course/gates or similar), so I don’t know how cooperative they’d be for that, but they tolerate and respect the dog very nicely to be gathered and penned.
  4. Eggs are fine for dogs (I have ducks and hens and incorporate A LOT of eggs in my dogs' diet), but do avoid feeding them raw very often as it can interfere with biotin absorption.
  5. Those results being in low normal range would not concern me as an isolated incidence. All individuals have different 'normals', hence the bell curve range. But perhaps talk to your vet about rechecking his labs in a few weeks to make sure things are on track, especially if you have other concerns about his stamina. With exercise intolerance in such a young dog I'd also want to rule out any indication of heart disease. Talk to your vet, see what they suggest. Any abnormal findings on physical exams or auscultation? Was ECG normal during surgery? If your gut feeling is that he tires abnormally fast and takes a long time to recover some further investigating might be warranted.
  6. We were there too! It was so much fun! Will definitely be back next year. BookIt had a blast. One of our team members is in her 70s and completed the race with a 6 lb chihuahua...
  7. Work with your dog far enough away from the ring that he can still focus on you. Play with him, work on heeling, ask for simple tricks and eye contact games, whatever you usually play with him. Gradually move the games closer to the ring, but if at any time he finds it difficult to keep his attention on you, take a step back. This may mean starting these games outside the building or completely out of view of the action, each dog is different. It will take some time, be patient. Do this training/ play between runs, so he learns that getting out of his crate and walking toward the ring doesn't always mean he's going to get to run. In the mean time for your runs, warm your dog up beforehand, then return him to his crate and leave him there until the dog before you is entering the ring. Let the gate steward know what you are doing so they don't have to holler for you , and get your dog out just before you run, so that you can basically walk right in the ring to line up. I have also known some dogs that take great comfort in holding / flinging their favorite toy in their mouth while waiting (like a pacifier )
  8. For about 3 minutes for a costume contest at our agility trial this weekend. BookIt was obviously thrilled... He did enjoy his prize alligator toy, though
  9. Liz P, have you seen this with Sileo or are you referring to Dexdormitor? I am also very hesitant to prescribe this drug at this time, knowing the profound cardiovascular effects of dormitor/Dexdormitor. I am waiting for it to be out on the market for a while to see what type of problems get reported back...
  10. BCjetta, do you have an ultrasound at your practice? You should be able to visualize bladder wall and surrounding tissue and also rule out stones (even radiolocent ones that won't show on X-ray). Stones are often the culprit with recurrent UTIs.
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