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So proud of Logan

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For those of you who remember my ongoing saga about Logan that I started last January, I do have to tell you how proud I am of him.


We have been slowly gaining ground with Logan. We really don't have to worry much with immediate family now. He will still bark, but as soon as he see's who it is, he stops and starts wiggling for a pet. He is still very leery of strangers so we watch closely if someone new comes to the house.


But, my brag - We planned on having about 22 people for Christmas Eve. We had agreed that Logan and the two little dogs would stay in the bedroom so we would not have any incidents. It became so busy that I forgot when the lesser known family started to arrive. Next thing I knew, Logan was moving through the guests, smelling, wagging his tail and being very good with everyone. We watched him closely, and asked our guests to let us know immediately if anything was not well. Logan behaved himself all night, enjoyed the festivities and was a great dog. All of our guests were adults - no children. Everyone knew not to try to hug him or lean down into his face. We had one small incident when my niece (47) went to hug her grandfather. Logan does not want anyone except us touching him (he is the 94 yr old that Logan has decided is his responsibility). All he did was walk between her and grandpa. She realized right away what he was doing and stepped back.


Not one growl, teeth showing or anything. We will have Logan one year in January and he has come a long way.


Hope all of your holidays were as good as Logan made my Christmas eve.


Patricia :D

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That is so awesome to read. I have been wondering about you and Logan. I am so glad for all of you.

And what a wonderful job you have done with him. I hope that you give yourself some well deserved kudo's for not giving up on him and continuing to have faith that he could do it.


I so remember your first posts and apprehensions about him. I am sure he feels (felt) your confidence in him too.


Have a Happy New Year.



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Dear Ms. Patricia,


Congratulations from another Nipper Owner. I wonder if Logan's being locked away while your guests arrived might have had something to do with it. Fly feels obligated to guard us and if there's going to be trouble, it happens at the door.


We have 10-20 (adults) for Thanksgiving and while people are greeting and appitizering, only the bullet-proof dog is free. After guests take their seats at table, the rambuncious youngster is turned loose and after everybody it too busy to pay any attention to her, (and they may drop food) I let Fly out. All the dogs are walked between the 1st course and the 2nd and by then they are all in full party mode.



I'm too busy to pay attention to the dogs and this works pretty well. Despite extreme provocation from one dogger who thinks dogs should love her as much as she loves them, Fly hasn't nailed her.


Donald McCaig

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