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  1. For those of you who remember my ongoing saga about Logan that I started last January, I do have to tell you how proud I am of him. We have been slowly gaining ground with Logan. We really don't have to worry much with immediate family now. He will still bark, but as soon as he see's who it is, he stops and starts wiggling for a pet. He is still very leery of strangers so we watch closely if someone new comes to the house. But, my brag - We planned on having about 22 people for Christmas Eve. We had agreed that Logan and the two little dogs would stay in the bedroom so we would not
  2. We were having to bathe Logan quite often because he would come in from playing outside, covered with mud. His tail was so black we could not tell it had ever been white. Then we finally got the bright idea of fencing off the muddy walnut tree area that he was always diving into when chasing the ball. We put up a temporary fence and now we have a fairly clean dog. I hope the bathing becomes less frequent. However, Logan itches constantly. When we first got him, I felt he had a chicken allergy so switched him to a "Taste of the Wild whitefish" diet. He seemed to do better. Lately, t
  3. Thanks, TDFoster, for checking in. I really appreciate everyone on this forum. Logan is doing great. We are still cautious with him around strangers, but he is really calming down around friends and family. He is a funny dog. We still play with him every day at least 2 times for about an hour a day and it seems to keep him from getting antsy. My husband has had so many health problems. He just had another small stroke right before Thanksgiving and had to spend the night in the hospital. It affected the peripheral vision in his right eye, so I have been his driver for a while. Then
  4. Hello Camdens mom. Thank you for asking about Logan. I don't peruse the forums as I did before but I get an email on any posts on my subject. I haven't posted because I wasn't sure if the "Logan" subject had worn people out (lol). Anyway, Logan is still here. He is part of our family now and although I still have doubts about him I do care deeply for him. He loves my husband and has become very attached to me. I still do not trust him completely. He is very affectionate and loves to get in my husband and son's face (son is 44), and give them nose kisses. He tries with me, but I am not
  5. Thanks to all of you. You have made my journey much easier with all of your input and advice. We keep working. I know we have a way to go, but I feel like Logan is now part of my family. One thing I forgot to ask - this guy has the strangest bark. It goes right thru you. It isn't a staccato bark (bark, bark, bark), but rather a one long bark that starts out loud, then pitches up kind of like a hound. Are all barks similar in the BCs or is it an individual thing? He never barks unless he thinks someone is at the door, and usually take's his cue from my little male aussie who hides b
  6. Just an update on Logan. He is becoming quite the comedian, making us laugh with his antics. We are doing well with the walking. He still pulls but I can handle him with the no pull harness. He is learning not to pull, but when we first go out he is too excited. We met a man with a dog that was taking a lot of interest in us and it made him nervous so I redirected him to a bush with his back to them and told him to "smell", my cue for letting him smell, pee, whatever. It worked very well. They passed us and went on their way. I kind of fell off the wagon on the "room" command. I've be
  7. Thanks to both of you! I don't feel like a rock star, rather a nervous child performing at a school concert! Anyway, yes, we can do that with the Kong. I'm trying to think about the food and the "room" concept and getting them confused, so went back and reread. Feeding him bits at a time is for mental stimulation. The "room" is to put him in a safe place when "strangers" are over. So we have two things. The kong will come in handy when the "room" is being used also, giving him something to do. And, yes, I can call or email her anytime. We will reschedule another consult in 2-3 we
  8. Thanks. About the crate, we don't crate Logan. When I first started this post (9 pages ago), I mentioned somewhere that when we crated him at night, the second night he scared me to death, snarling at me, and attacking the crate door when I closed it. I know he would have bit me at that time. My husband took the crate out and we no longer use it. I honestly don't know if I have the guts to go through that again. We will see about a Kong. We can put him in the bedroom to use it, but it does keep him away from us and I don't think he will be happy about that, he may think he is being p
  9. We went to the behaviorist today. Her credentials are CODT, CDBC, behavior specialist for the Sacramento SPCA. Of course, Logan was very good around her. He behaved, and only wanted to go see the dogs. Our parking spot was right beside an exercise area for two dogs (fenced). He likes other dogs. He did give her the "stare", and she recognized it right away. She moved her chair, broke eye contact, and just starting talking to me, telling me he was getting uncomfortable and she was removing the threat. I was glad she saw it because I've seen that stare and husband says I'm seeing things.
  10. Camden's Mom, Thanks for the wishes. His visit is on the 14th. I will post after we meet and see how it goes. Logan has been very good. I kind of laid into him a couple of days ago because he was rushing to the door (it is locked) every time he heard someone. I was letting my husband handle him, but I had "had it" with the rushing. I put him in a down/stay, and everytime he broke it, I body blocked him (Patricia McConnell) and made him start over. It was my son at the door and he was helping me by knocking. Logan figured out after about 3 times that I wasn't kidding. He did not mo
  11. Thank you all for your advice and insights. It is always helpful. It has been a rough week around here. Husband and I are at odds over Logan. It's been pretty tense. However, I did find I can yell at my husband and Logan doesn't do anything. I still never go near his side of the bed unless he is awake. I'm not sure I want to push Logan that far, however he and I are getting along very well. He comes and sits by me, he lays by my feet, he plays with toys inside and brings them to me for play, and we play SOCCER! He is currently learning TOUCH, which someone here talked about. Learns so fast!
  12. Shoresdog, any issues with the Easywalk rubbing and chafing? I've read the reviews and that plus stretching seemed to be concerns. I would like this one because I can buy it locally and if it doesn't fit, I can take it back. The others are all sold online (senseation, freedom, etc.) Does that make sense? An aggressive dog generally means to be aggressive. A reactive dog doesn't necessarily mean any harm at all, he's just having a freak-out. It does, but I'm still not sure which Logan is. He loves people once he knows them, but strangers at the door are his enemy. However, not away
  13. I did want to add something that I hope does not come across poorly, but it has been an observation for sometime as I have adopted animals from rescue before. Who knows what has gone on in a dog's life before he ended up in that pound? So many have been picked up as strays. My lovely aussie Gabe (RIP) was found wandering in the country near Bakersfield and was picked up as a stray. We never knew what caused his nose to be broken. We just knew it had at some point. He had health issues, and some dog aggression, although I did not have a name for it at the time (ignorance IS bliss), but he
  14. Thank you everyone for your kind posts. Marley, I take no offense to what you said. I think everyone here is rooting for Logan and also for me whatever happens. I, too, thought about one man who had lost his rather snarky BC that he had adopted back east somewhere. A rescue thought maybe he would be a good match for Logan, but I could not, morally, transfer him directly to another home that did not have the knowledge or exptertise to deal with this problem. So, the rescue in Canada is very well aware of ALL issues we have dealt with. If we do go that way. Right now, my husband has no
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