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  1. That is Awesome. She is so cute. Glad to hear that things are better. So hard when our fur babies are not feeling at the top of the chart. Thank you for keeping us posted. Teri
  2. What an awesome update. It is amazing how well he figured out what was going on and reacted. We never want our dogs to have to protect us but for me it would give me great comfort to know Jade would if the situation arose. I love the pictures from yesterday. Sometimes cats don't really know they are cats and supposed to hate the water. Thank you for posting!
  3. Glad that surgery is not needed immediately and maybe never...that is what I will be wishing for you and her. Also glad that you have a vet you can feel comfortable with and is willing to seek out others that have more experience. Those vets are hard to come by, at least in my experience.
  4. Chris so sorry that you and Gabe had this experience but really glad to see and hear that he is recovering pretty well.
  5. I am so excited for Chance! He is beautiful in my eyes. You did an amazing job on his coat...and a lot of work. Will keep following to see his progress. Rooting for him to find the perfect home.
  6. Oh my gosh....look at how happy he is. Lots of hoping coming your way that he does well with your friend and her dogs and that finding a new loving home comes quickly for both of you. Thank you for helping him. Teri
  7. I am not saying that they will....just makes me wonder that if they would this to a helpless animal, what about small children that are also helpless? How do we know they aren't doing it to children? How much abuse goes on in the home that is never talked about? Do they do this because they can? I don't know. And maybe I am too much "heart" about animals being deliberately hurt. And that is what I am talking about. Deliberately torturing or hurting an animal. I will bow out of the conversation because I think that what I am wanting for the laws has nothing to do with what this conversation has turned into. Thanks for listening. Teri
  8. Debbie. That is true. The laws that I want strengthened are the laws pertaining to physical abuse of an animal such as cutting off it's nose, wrapping duct tape around it's nose and mouth for two days, starving them so that the only weight they carry is the bone and organ weight, putting it in a crate and throwing it in a ditch on the side of the road,and if you leave a dog tied up outside with no water, no food in 100 plus degree weather then you are abusing the animal. Sorry. I don't want laws to say you can't leave your dog in your car with air conditioning, I don't want laws that say you can't chain your animal outside for short periods (even thought I totally disagree with chaining at all). I want the perpetrator that is physically abusive to have the same treatment he gave that living breathing mammal. Because that very same person, IMO would be willing to do the same thing to a small child that didn't do their bidding. That's what I want changed.
  9. Glad things are going so well with Louie.
  10. D'Elle, would you care if I posted this to my FB account. In Iowa we are fighting really hard to get the laws changed and hopefully this would be picked up by some of those and passed around as well.
  11. Oh my gosh! That is freaky scary. I can't imagine Jade and myself in a situation like that. As others have said, try to take a picture, report her, whatever it takes. This is exactly why Jade and I could never go to a dog park or even a heavily traveled trail to walk on, which makes me sad. And Gentle Lake I love love love your saying it made me have a true belly laugh. There is so much truth in it. I have owned or had dogs my whole life and have no mentality that I am in expert in any part of owning a dog. and yep Breathe!
  12. Awesome for Chance. Thank you for taking on the challenge to find him a new home. He looks adorable. Best of luck. Will keep checking in to see how things are progressing.
  13. Oh I agree. I don't like choke chains. I know that they used to be used for training(many years a trainer had us use one of the a boxer...only when we were training) but it still made me uncomfortable. I am so glad she is doing better and you too. Possibly if your stress level was down she sensed that and felt she could calm down some.
  14. Also, with Jade, she does exactly the same thing...and she isn't by herself everyday. I am trying to work on when I come through the door, to turn my back on her and ignore her until she settles down so she can actually hear what i am saying to her. When she sits, I speak really calmly to her and give her a treat. If she starts jumping again I will turn my back and ignore her. She is getting better and I don't want to scold her for being excited to see me so I am trying different things. I have had some advice from other posters which has been really beneficial for me. Also, is it possible to give her a really long rope and let her run some or is she just so strong that she would pull you down when she got to the end? I am so sorry about your little chi.
  15. I also used bells for my dogs...recommended by our vet....and it worked superbly. The oldest boxer taught the younger one and if someone did not respond to her gentle ringing of the bells, she would slap them hard enough with her head to be heard through the entire house. I used sleigh bells on a faux leather strap just attached to the patio door that I let them out of. It was a huge help.
  16. Tommy, Thank you for taking care of her for your friend and it does sound like she is in a better place. Are the pee pads working? I know that isn't the ideal cure but it certainly is easier to clean up and helps with odor. Also, sorry it took me so long to respond but I could not get on the site for a few days. Something about the SQL server.
  17. I am so sorry to hear this. Jade was thought to possibly have some wired aggression issue and it is scary. It was discovered she does have some wiring issues but currently aggression is not part of that BUT after much trial and error and behaviorist and people who thought they were behavorists but only trainers it was decided to try her with Composure Pro - prescribed by the vet and Prozak. I can tell you that Jade is an entirely different dog...still with issues but most of the time delightful to have around. You haven't posted for a bit so I don't know if that is good or bad but I hope for peace for you no matter the decision that is made. Thinking of you!
  18. Tommy, when I got Jade she was in a very similar situation. The way I went about training her was by using puppy pee pads in the spot that she was most comfortable relieving herself in the house. I still continued to take her out on a regular schedule and asked her to go potty. It took a bit but she finally got the message and held herself to go outside. But I have a concern here. None of my business but if she came from a place of abandonment, the schedule I am seeing looks like abandonment to me as well. How much time will you be spending with her in the other two times to let her out? I am not opposed to crates or crate training but this again seems like really long times to leave a previously abandoned dog by itself. Teri
  19. Jade is a border collie/black lab? mix that I fostered then adopted. The longer she is with our house the more she seeks attention which is mind boggling to me. She loves my mom but mom has a hard time getting around and is in a lift chair most of the time but Jade will lay across her lap and wait for mom to reach down and pet her and scratch under her chin. She has most recently decided that jumping to the end of the chair and then putting her paws on my mom's shoulders for a pet is the thing to do. She is very gentle when she does this...again I am amazed. For her and me, she has started to lay beside me on the couch and scoot as close as she can get. If I am engrossed in something, like having a discussion with my mom, she will reach up and take her paw and scratch very heavily on my arm until I pet her....we are working on this. She also loves to get up close to me early in the mornings before we get up and have her stomach rubbed...she actually would lay all day and let you rub her belly. I do like a dog that likes attention.
  20. Jade currently takes Composure prescribed by the vet, along with the Prozak. For her, the Composure seems to help for awhile. We are also working through the noise phobia thing and have a ways to go but without the Composure I believe she would spend all of her time hiding in a corner or the back of her crate. Am also using Essential Oils to see if that is effective for her.
  21. Thank you Gentle Lake I will work on this with her. Here is a picture from a couple of weeks ago.she was sitting on the couch beside me and ..I just happened to have my phone and was able to shoot it. IT doesn't look like it saved. I need to work on my technical skills as I am not having much luck. Will keep trying.
  22. Alfreda and GVC - Thank you. Alfreda, I will try your suggestions. Maybe telling her to look for her toy will be a long enough distraction that she can forget why she was so cotton picking excited. I was hopeful that my coming through the kitchen door and totally ignoring her until she comes in the kitchen quietly and then giving her a treat would help but so far, not. There are worse things I know but her bark can send the entire neighborhood into orbit. Yep, ignoring her only makes it worse. Getting up and leaving seems to help but I will definitely try the touching to see if that will help.
  23. Hi everybody, I did not realize that it had been so long since I checked in. I guess time really does get away. Jade is doing really well since I told her she gets to stay with me. We still have episodes of non eating which I try not to let freak me out but it still does some. Jet (the boxer) for the most part are getting along. There is a rare snark and bark when she is resource guarding either me or her crate but other than that they get along and are actually playing some....something I didn't think I would ever see. She is still anxious and very scared of sudden movements and loud noises but we work on that. There are two things that I am wondering if anyone has additional ideas. 1.) When any of us come home at night, Jade goes absolutely bezerk with barking, jumping, running around. I have tried ignoring, so she comes in the kitchen, I ask her to sit and pet her and talk to her calmly and give her a treat and as soon as she has the treat. BAM away she goes, barking and carrying on and jumping on the couch and bouncing it off the wall. Now, don't get me wrong. I love that she is excited to see me but somehow, if it is possible, I need to get her a bit calmer so she won't knock my mom over and hurt her. 2.) She takes her paw and scratches at you when she wants attention and it hurts as she really presses the paws and nails into the skin. I have tried getting up and moving as soon as she does that but my mom cannot do that. So any ideas I would love to hear. Hoping everyone had a good summer and now looking foward to fall. Teri
  24. Liz, Cas and Maralynn, Thank you for your responses. I knew this was an old thread but since it had the title of what I was looking for, didn't want to start an entire new thread. I will certainly be looking at the Ruffwear since all three of you have responded with that brand. Thank you so much.
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