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I've been wanting to ask this for a long time.


Please tell me, in detail, how smart your BC is. What does s/he know how to do? What basic obedience, what tricks, what "other" commands that I don't know much about, like herding, flyball, agility, etc.?


There is a companion thread to this asking what areas your BC has not mastered yet.


I'll start:


Boyden knows sit, down, sit-stay, down-stay, shake w/both paws, wait before going in/out doors, hide & seek w/food, get in your crate, go potty, and so far is 100% potty-trained and house-trained. Also at 95% on leashes here, but not elsewhere. Performs commands above 90%+ at home, less elsewhere. Takes treats very softly too.

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Phoenix just turned 5 mos... he knows...come/here, sit or down stay 1-1 1/2 min.,wait (for dinner, playing, and door), walk nice on leash, learned to use doggy door at 2 1/2 mos (within first week home, thanks to Mirra and Sitka, more than me!!!) He is doing well with "outa here", (from the bunny room, of which is another obsession!), and going to his pen area for quiet time and night night. He is such a good boy, we are constantly amazed at what he does and is able to learn so quickly. Oh, he is doing ok with learning to take a bow and touch it (or target)..

I'm head over heels in love with my BC boy.. and he is becoming a real Mamma's boy too (just the way I want it)!

JoeAnne, Phoenix, Mirra, Sitka and Crew

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Sit, Down/Lie, Roll, Shake, High Five, and High Ten. She is not into learning tricks (she despises it actually), but she did learn those. The only other one I am going to keep trying to teach her is stay, only because it's such an important one.


She knows many other words and commands though:

starting to learn the names of her toys

find it (a person or a toy)

look for it

keep looking

there it is

Where is it?

drop it

leave it

bring it

get it

my name and my husband's name


She is a fast runner, my yard is about the length of a flyball lane/field and she can run down it and back in about 12 seconds. She is also great at catching balls and she can catch them and turn fast, I do plan on getting her into flyball when she's older.


I also plan on getting her into herding because she is showing a good bit of potential for it and has a ton of eye, as well as agility because she likes to jump, climb and run through things; frisbee for similar reasons and maybe freestyle dance also because it looks like a lot of fun.


My main goal is keeping her mentally and physically challenged and busy to keep her happy; I plan on doing these things mostly for fun, not necessarily to compete in. Right now with her being just seven months, we aren't doing any jumping or any other physically strenous things as she is still developing. We do a lot of ball playing, "find it" games and other mentally challenging and stimulating games, along with going for walks for leash training and continuing obedience training. No tricks though since tricks suck in her book. :rolleyes:

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Dylan is 8 months old at the moment and he knows the following words/commands:


sit, down, stay here/downstairs etc, wait, roll over, give me your paw, and the other one, push, with me, heel,toilet time, poo, enough, on your rug, in your bed, jump up, jump down, go upstairs, go downstairs, woof, kiss,do you want a ...... ? ( this means he's going to get it ! ) dinner, bone, nylabone, kong, buster cube, do you want a drink ? ( of course he always has water available, but we have a tap/fawcet (?) in the garden and he'll go there if he wants a drink when he is outside ), drop it, give it ( into my hand ), put your toys away, wipe your feet, wash your feet ( I wipe his feet in the porch - he stops and stands still while I do it. On a muddy day I'll "wash" his feet and when I say that, he goes to the bathroom ), vet, vacuum, garden, go round, this way, stop, slowly, do the washing ( unfortunately he doesn't do it ! But he knows where I'm going when I say it ! ), take the garbage out ( ditto ), car, lead, get...,bring it here, where's your dinner/toy's name/person's name etc, last time ( maybe he understands this...! ), catch, go home ( this means we've finished playing at the park or visiting wherever ) finished, all gone, say hello, watch out, oh and I forgot "ball" !, and about 15 or so toys by name aswell as me and my husband's and the neighbours names. Maybe he understands good boy and clever boy as terms of praise. I think he also understands some place names, but I'm not sure. I'm just writing these as I think of them and there are probably more. He is very active but VERY chilled out too. And he LOVES to find things - he is really good at it. I can't find a place to hide something where he won't find it. He sniffs the air through the door in the morning and knows if anything interesting is coming ( person/other dog ) way before they come into sight. And he loves to clamber over stuff. Originally, I was thinking of doing agility with him and still might, but I think he may be a good SAR dog and will take an aptitude test with him this Autumn.

He is housetrained and his commands are really solid at home. His heel is good but he walks FAST on the way somewhere......... His recall is very good if there isn't a new dog in the vicinity....... His down stay is very solid. He has never broken it even when being approached by silly people with their dogs ! Or being called by silly people ! Or being approached by dogs off leash when they shouldn't have been ! ( They are dogs he knows and is ok with so I've watched to see what would happen - and he was brilliant. I was so proud ! ) By the way, I saw a picture of Boyden - he's gorgeous/. I'm still trying to post pictures of Dylan - maybe I'll get it done by this weekend !?

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My pup knows when I call her that the fun is over for the moment - so she runs the other way! I call that pretty smart. She also knows when the kids are collecting eggs that there will be a moment that PJ is fiddling with trying to close the gate and holding the egg basket and she might be able to slip into the pen with the ducks. She also knows that if she runs down the fenceline and teases the guard dogs, into the other field on their side of the fence, there will be a moment when she can get into the sheep field while they are maneuvering back through the gate.


Lest you think my pup is totally out of control, all these things happened ONCE and I caught her before there was any trouble. But it was really funny to see her trouble shoot these problems (well, it was funny after the fact when I had her safely in my arms). These days she is Miss Long Line and we are working on the first problem. :rolleyes:


She also knows the name of a couple toys and such manners basics as getting out of the car/crate/door only after being told and in a quiet manner, and pottying on command. I'm not doing much else in the way of formal training. Sheep training always takes care of things such as lie down.

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Actually, I would like to know how Jen's sis did.


Flyball class tonight! I'm taking that tug material to mom's along with the instructions you gave me. I'm hoping to draft her help cutting and braiding.


I got enough for FOUR tugs for $8 - It was a clearance on a "no cut" blanket kit. Is that the bomb or what?

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This is excellent! And it's giving me alot of ideas too. We are still working on some of the important basics but I can teach him many of these "tricks" as a fun way to challenge him.


I had taught Mickey to "speak" in a loud bark and "speak" in a soft bark. Just change your tone of voice as you give the command. Anyone ever try that?



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Letsee here.




Lay Down



Hop down


Bring It

Drop It

Leave It

Get your....

Where is...

Find it

Go outside and get...

Eat your food


No or Annnh


High Five

Roll Over

Drink your water

New this week - Get the sock!


This Way (come to the vicinity of where I am)

With Me (stick close to me)

Let's go (walk darnit)

Wanna go for a ride/walk?


Probably more, but I'm drawing a blank here. Haven't learned much in the way of "tricks" just the normal stuff.

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Ava knows sit, down, wait, stay, over, jump it, find it, hold it, high five, stand, shake, other paw, all flyball and agility commands, spin, drop, hop in, load up, to "go to the bathroom", beer, coke, shut it, toss it, put it, hit it, ready, enough, speak, leave it, heel, right here, walking on a leash, most of the time, heeling w/ out all the time, kill, get her, and a whole bunch of others. She is wonderful!

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Utah knows









sneak (crawl)

relax (lay on side)

up (stand on back legs)


leave it/off

get close

crate (get in crate)

where is Heather/where is Chris

get your harness, collar, ball, frisbee, bowl, Kong

truck and Subaru (our two cars)

go pee

go outside

slide (at the playground)

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duchess can





playdead(point finger and say bang)


wisper speak


find ALL of toys by name

find both cats by name

plays hide n seek..NOT only finds but hides from daughter under her bed

she gives left paw

right paw

does high five with either paw.

plays frisbee


knows to find hula hoop

go wake up daddy

go wake up Kalynn

she will take a bite of food treat etc

she will only smell treat if told

she gives hugs on demand

she goes to crate when told

knows each room by name

knows mommy's car daddy's car

knows when daughter on horse to STAY in yard...

and more....she's a smart girl~

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I have 3 Border Collies, all of which are very intelligent. We are not into agility, obedience, flyball, stuff like that. We do herding, which really makes our dogs think. We let them think out dilemas that they get into in the herding field which makes for a VERY smart dog. We started the 6 month old, lightly, he's already keeping out on his flanks, covering and doing to die for walkups, rating his sheep. As a result of herding, our dogs have learned obedience by, as I say, default. My 6 month old already has a great call off.


The only "trick" that our dogs do, is to bring in the newspaper.

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Fun thread!


Combining two dogs here but 95% for BC:


Skipping the basics.


Get the phone

The keys (find missing keys)

under (weave between my legs)

jump (jump over my legs)

bang (play dead)

kennel (open closed kennel using a bandana and get inside a kennel)

bell (ring a bell when pet door is closed)

get daddy/mommy/the other dog(go to the individual)

get 'cats name" (break cat fight)

harness (get harness for walk)

what time is it? (barks - for meal time)-no they don't know math

find live person

find deceased person

target (touch an object)

sanpo (just take a walk)

P-A-R-K (park, I spelled so they wouldn't know, now they even know when I spell)

Laundry (go to laundry room to get cookie)

Settle (settle your butt down)




drink water

Pee Pee

Check mail

Get paper

wake daddy

Good night (time to go sleep)

apple, rawhide, cookie

sound of my laptop closing (time to play!)

go to work

ears (make the ears stand up)

say hi (wave)

side (comes around and sit on side)

shake black and white (she has black/white front legs) - most of the times it's luck or me queing!

frog (lie flat - 4 legs spreading out)

beg - gets annoying after a while so I quit using it

check (check out the area I point out)

banzai (stand and raise front legs up and jump around)


oh and 'sock' (pull my socks off my feet)

leave food sitting on her front paws

go ride (in the car)

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Oooh, fun! Let's see..


Combat knows...

sit, stay, down, roll (roll right), over (roll left), nice (as in "Nice to meet you...which is shake, with the right paw), five (high five), moon (walk backwards, moon-walkish), get it, bring it, leave it, find it, wait

You can point to any object, then to a container and he will put the object in the container. He picks up all his toys and puts them in the box when I say "Dang it, this house is a mess!" I have to say the whole thing. I'm not sure what he cues on. He's been taught to bring things to us from the refrigerator (Go get..) and will happily bring anything off the bottom shelf (We are NOT going to talk about the pies.)

Our newest is "bang" which is quite hilarious, because he's at the point now where you can point your finger at him and say bang and even if he's running full out across the yard he'll drop and slide on his side, roll onto his back, and play dead. He whines as he does this, quite convincing. And he'll twitch. He knows more. Names of places, knows what 'car/truck/vehicle/and the spelling of each' means. We are currently using the term bus. He'll catch on soon.


Recon knows...

sit, stay (kind of), down (very good at), get it, bring it, leave it, focus (eyes on me until I say otherwise), wait (for going through doors, dinner, etc), nice (shaking hands), five, ladida (twirls in a circle on her hind legs), faucet (turns on the hose), all the words for car that combat knows, sleep (will lie down and cover her face with a paw, one eye closed, one open), and then there's "be cujo" which has to be the most hilarious...she'll bark and growl and whine and just basically act like the most viscious thing you've ever seen and right after she does it, she sneezes with this little dainty lady-like sneeze, paws her nose, sits down while wagging her tail like a nut, and grins at you while waiting for her treat. we didn't actually teach her this. She and Combat were playing one day and she was being all growly in a playful kind of way and I just made the offhand comment "great, Recon, be cujo, scare everyone off" (we had uninvited guests and I wasn't happy with them) I repeated be cujo a few more times and ever since then, well, yeah.


The both of them know a few more, but we use them day to day and in a casual manner so I don't really know a full list of all the words they pick up on. I'd probably be scared if I did.


Oh, yes, for the folks who know about the pie incident...we have conquered the mental block of Combat, and he now knows that he isn't to go into the refrigerator at all unless specifically told to do so. He will, though, still randomly bring us cans of coke or such if they've been stored on the shelf. We're making progress. I'd much rather wake up to coke cans in my bed than pumpkin and chocolate pies.

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Holly isnt a working dog....never been to obedience or is there an agility club near to me.so im proud to say all she has learnt is through mt teaching,which has come from reading books and books on bc.Holly can-:








leave it

roll over


bring it

this way

give left/right paw

give kiss

knows 5 main toys by name

go find

whos this

hand signals(go left/right)

on blanket


find it

take my socks off!!

eat din dins(dinner)

treat time


lets go

daddys off to work


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Riley (13 mos) knows:


No. Eh! Enough! OK.

paw (left paw)

shake (right paw)

BANG! (point your finger like a gun at him and he lays out flat on his side)

down, sit, come, stay, gimme a kiss, you wanna cuddle/belly rub? Good morning (means he can greet me, otherwise he must be quiet and not jump on the bed)

Get out (of the pasture or room), stay out, get back, stay back, that's far enough, go ahead

Get in the truck, Get the kitty, paws up, hup up, Over (fence or jump)

Get your (bone, rope, rib, baby, hose, tennis, paper, baseball), bring it here, left, right, back, fore (directionals with arm pointing), Find It! (go get the last item we were playing with after I hide it)

leave it, gentle, protect (will keep other animals away from said item or other animal), go get Belle (herds in the Lab who won't recall)

Do your stuff (pee), Go poopy

Heel, Right Heel

I'll be back (Don't try to come through the door, house or car)


And a myriad of other things I say to him day to day, but those are the ones I can think of that elicit a useful response.

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Sam 9 wks... his name, where is food and water is ,paper towels are to be attacked, Molly the cat is not for playing with~she swats.. He comes when called but at this time I think it is cause I got the toys or atleast he thinks so. ANTANT means stop and look... sometimes he goes back to doing what he shouldn't but mostly he stops.

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