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  1. Bil-Jack recently just switched duchess loves it..first food in 2 1/2 yrs I found that dog will eat!..
  2. it is better to clean out with Salin solution.I had a stray dog here a few yrs ago..all 4 paws were split.I called the vet he said I could put Mercurchrome on paws..healed in a few days..
  3. true story here...I'll make it short as possible hubby's Grandmother,..had fallen out with everyone soooooo we had not had contact for about 3 yrs..one day I received a call.from a home care nurse,,said come right away..I did..the grandmother had promised the neighbor lady if she would take care of the dogs she could have EVERYTHING..well..the lady started removing items quickly(grandmother still living there)..when I arrived..alone ..the lady was tearing up telling me she loved the dogs..I politley said well..you will be compensated for the dogs..but Grandmother was not in her right mind
  4. take it easy ..and hope you get stronger by the min~..
  5. do they allergy shots for dogs??.....with that many allergies I'd check into that....
  6. that is the cutest puppy I have ever seen~...!
  7. duchess does not mind pull ups at all..she will actually come in ans wait for you to put them on..she thinks she looks stunning...LOL...esp the printed ones...
  8. for sure take it off when she goes outside...how come duchess only bleeds for about 5 days????..she swells a week before..and stays swollen for about 2 weeks after?????
  9. the bleeding last about 4=5 days..I actually put pull up's on duchess with hole for tail~..when she's in season..and in the house..
  10. duchess would be so "into" frisbee..I don't think she'd stop for a steak....lol
  11. I didn't think mine was tri..even with lil red behind ears...and the 9 dift shades of black..under her tail and down her back legs...lol
  12. here ya go..duchess sometime will leave the property...over 2 acres..when I go to look for her and she is too far away..she will circle around and go back to property and act like she's been there the whole time waiting for me...live in very rural area,,,but we have actually watched her sneak back on to property...the lil brat!
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