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  1. Jessica.......your no snob!!! i havent and wouldnt have any other breed but a bc....im an animal lover and dogs are my favourite by a long way...but given the choice out of all the great breeds of dog out there....you simply cant and wont find a better one than the Border Collie and your totally right in saying the bc is the most intelligent breed....by a mile
  2. We all know how extreamly clever the bc is,just thought it would be fun to hear everyones replys on just how clever they really are!!!!
  3. Holly isnt a working dog....never been to obedience or is there an agility club near to me.so im proud to say all she has learnt is through mt teaching,which has come from reading books and books on bc.Holly can-: sit stay down wait heel off leave it roll over speak bring it this way give left/right paw give kiss knows 5 main toys by name go find whos this hand signals(go left/right) on blanket pennies(toilet) find it take my socks off!! eat din dins(dinner) treat time no lets go daddys off to work bedtime
  4. My bc has a delicate digestive system so i have to be carefull what i give her,after trying alot of diffrent foods when she was younger i have found the best food is lamb and rice kibble(dry food) with the occasional added cooked chicken pieces....and other days grated cheese mixed in which she loves!!! any other food ie tinned meat etc just runs straight through her along with table scraps.Even gravy is dodgey on her lil belly,god bless her!....
  5. Holly came from a farm about 4 hours drive away from my house.Both parents were working dogs and she was my first bc but have grown up with them all my life through family members.She was 4 last week and she is one of the best things thats ever entered my life.I have trained her myself to a very good standard through reading books on bc and training them.She isnt a working dog but is the most amazing companion and best freind a man could wish for.Id reccomend a bc to anybody just as long as they understand and accept the hard work and exercise and mental stimulation a bc needs.And in return for all your hard work you will have a true companion 4 life!!!!!!
  6. As a pretty knew person to this great sight,i just wanted to get a rough idea how many times people take there bc out in a day or for how long.Mine gets 2 walks a day 30-45 each time...the first time with toys so i can polish up our training while playing and then a good longish walk second time.Plus we play at home and in the garden.But sometimes through work i can only get her out for 1 45 min walk........do you think thats plenty? i guess i just feel guily if i miss 1 off as dogs love there walks....
  7. Just make sure your dog likes it first.....some bc dont like playing with them...like mine............she ran in front of me as i was gona throw it..dropped down and waited for me to start.........she thort it was gona be the ball on the rope toy.......so as i throw it she just sat there and looked up at it as if to say.."what the hells that dad!!) until it came down and hit her on the head!!!....i did try again and again but she just aint intrested
  8. Im from England uk...i have a bc...shes not a working dog and i dont have any experience working dogs.but i have trained my dog to a very high level through reading books etc.but the reason i am replying is that using a shock collar is a big no no in my eyes.i have known of dogs to suffer heart attacks through using them...and dogs that become terrified after being shocked with a collar.i dont know the law from where you are but they are trying to ban shock collars over here.but this is only my opinion and i wanted to try and help with what i have learnt from them.good luck with what ever you deside..
  9. i can understand where your coming from when you say your dog would run under the bed if you raised your voice..my 3year old bc "holly" is very much the same.even if i drop something in the kitchen and it makes a bang shes gone upstairs.but once ive called her down and let her smell what ive dropped and shown her it was me who made the bang she is fine.but like your dog..she will do what i ask.and thats through no other training method but me talking and showing her and rewarding her by a soft tone of voice.she doesnt react to treats and never has but through hard enjoyable work from us both(which i read and trained her myself)i now have the most amazing freinship and companionship ever....... craig n holly
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