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  1. Thanks for the recipe, it sounds pretty yummy from a dog's point of view! I like to cook and I have nearly no sense of smell anyway, so that shouldn't bother me. I'll have to get the ingredients for it sometime and try it.
  2. Thanks for the info. I won't be feeding Nylabones to Lily, I wonder what it is in them that causes the diarrhea and stomach problems? I'm not too worried about it, there are a lot of other treats out there to pick from; these just sounded like good ones.
  3. Does anyone feed their dogs Nylabone Healthy Edibles bone treats, or have in the past? Do you recommend them if you have, or not recommend them? At first glance, they seem really good and healthy: no added plastic so they're completely digestible and the dog can eat the whole bone and no added salt, sugar, color additives or preservatives either, and rawhide based. But I looked at the ingredient list on the packaging for most of the different flavors offered and the first ingredient in each one was beef byproducts, so they can't be all that healthy. Here are two links for them: http:
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