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  1. Just Playgirl/Playboy, that sort of thing. Cosmo is sorta iffy since it's somewhat mature themed but it should be fine since it's women's health and fashion, etc. I really doubt anyone would say anything about it. The Iraqi people don't allow things like that to be mailed to their country because it's against their religion, but I think it only applies to hardcore porn magazines.
  2. Well, I had a whole post typed out in reply but the flipping Internet went down and I lost it. Here are some ideas: nuts any dried fruit like raisins or banana chips granola or oatmeal bars individidual bags of chips and cookies because they stay fresh longer than the full sized box and are easy and lightweight to carry around on patrols for a quick snack. I like to get the big boxes of them at Wal Mart and send a few at a time. instant mac and cheese instant oatmeal instant ramen noodles those individual sized boxes of cereal trail mix Pop tarts Lit
  3. Parade Pictures, last set...sorry it's so many http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v456/Lit...cs/2d4d9dda.jpg Military working dogs and their handlers http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v456/Lit...cs/e2a5aee7.jpg
  4. Parade Pictures, set two My husband's unit marching: He's a humble and down to earth person and didn't want to march in it, but they were short a few people and we were going to it anyway, so he volunteered for it. Me being the spaz that I am and being so excited on the day of the parade, didn't even notice him waving at me and walking right past me until my girlfriend that went with me smacked me on the arm and said "there he is, he's looking right at you!" I was looking everywhere for him but where he was, lol. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v456/Lit...s/S3000043a.jpg h
  5. Parade Pictures, set one Ft. Carson mounted colour guard: The main unit at this post is a cavalry unit, so they still use horses for sake of tradition in ceremonies and parades. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v456/Lit...s/S3000021a.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v456/Lit...s/S3000022a.jpg Various other colour guards http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v456/Lit...s/S3000023a.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v456/Lit...s/S3000056a.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v456/Lit...s/S3000056a.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v456/Lit...s/S3000057a.jpg
  6. Pippin: I know it's easy to see the folks who do the nasty things, like stealing the magnets or being rude to soldiers, etc. But there are many of us who have never lost our respect for the military and haven't fallen into the trap of blaming our protectors for the mistakes of our leaders. God bless our military (and their families) with safety and the strength to do what is right, and God bless them and the innocents who pay the price of conflict. Hi Sue: I am grateful for those people and know there's many of them out there. As it usually goes, it's the negative ones and things you he
  7. Hi Kristen, Wait until the homecoming ceremony, it's going to be one of the best days of your life, if not the best one. It's a complete reversal from when they left months before; because everyone's happy and there's this feeling of relief in the air for the personal side of the war being over, for now. It's not over for good until everyone is home and things over there have been resolved; but it is nice to know that at least for now, it's over for you. Please feel free to post on here for me or PM me if there's anything you need to know about Ft. Stewart or the Army!
  8. I think it was just an idea. I was glad to read that, even though they were all against the war, they support and respect our troops. It hasn't always been like that in this country, unfortunately. I've got to get to bed. Goodnight. I'm glad to read that too. I know what you mean, it's amazing how the way our country treats our military changed from World War Two and the Greatest Generation to the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, it hasn't gotten much better since then. Here and in many military towns, there's a huge problem with people stealing patriotic magnets off other people's vehic
  9. Did she actually spit on him or just thought about it? Stuff like that makes me really angry. It's extremely rude and disrespectful. I'll be one of the first people to admit that I don't believe in or support the Iraq war because I believe we went into Iraq for Bush's own personal agenda to boost his popularity under the guise of freeing Iraq and helping the Iraqi people. We're doing that and doing some good things over there but only doing the right thing isn't enough. The right thing should be done for the right reasons and I don't think we're there for the right reasons. But I do support
  10. Thank you again everyone. Ruth and Wufnu and the others, thank you for your and your family members' service to our country as well. One of my uncles is a USMC Korean War veteran, my grandfather is an 82nd Airborne Battle of the Bulge in WWII veteran and Purple Heart recipient, his brothers were also in WWII and my dad was in the Vietnam War. That was all before I was born (1981) so I never have dealt with it on the family member side before now. When people ask me how I do what I do, I just tell "When you love someone the way I love my husband, you find strength in yourself you didn't know yo
  11. Thank you very much, both of you, for your kind words. I'll print them out and send it to my husband in his next letter.
  12. I'm going to print this out and send it to my brother, he's a bit lacking in this particular department, LOL.
  13. Thank you very much, things like this mean so much to me. My husband is in Iraq again for his second tour and we've got a long road ahead of us...he won't be home for at least another ten months and it's very likely to be sixteen-eighteen more months before he does come home. I haven't seen that show because I don't like to watch those sorts of things while he's away...I live every minute of my life with the fear and worry that I'm going to get that knock on the door to tell me my husband was killed; and I worry I'm never going to see him again alive. It's something that never goes away; no ma
  14. Must be one of those "don't trust anything that bleeds for seven days and doesn't die" types, lol.
  15. If he seems like he's getting dehydrated, give him some Pedialyte. Some vets say Gatorade but it can make stomach problems worse with all the sugar in it.
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