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  1. Thank you for the suggestions. I've been reading Click To Calm today. It's very well written and I think it will be very applicable to our situation. I was happy to see that it was available as an ebook. I also ordered Mine. Riley responds very well to hubby when I'm not around or if he is not approaching one of his trigger zones that I mentioned... my office or bedroom while I'm in it. He will respond to his commands and show him a great deal of affection. Hubby already performs about half of the feeding and care. I think a training method that incorporates having hubby ask for a specific
  2. We came to the agreement last night that we would hold off on having children until the dogs passed on of old age. I will have several years to convince him that our children should not be dog-less even after their toddler years are over. At that point I'll have backup as well. I would still appreciate any references to good behaviorists in the central Maryland, Northern VA area and any other good books or websites about preventing the resource guarding of people. The last few days I've been successful by avoiding the situations that I know really set him off, namely being in my office or
  3. I am definitely female... I don't remember ever seeing a place to select gender so it must have been the default. Thank you all for the kind posts and support. You've reminded me of the person I thought I was and would like to be and lent strength to my convictions. My husband has shown no ill will towards Riley these past few days and even seemed to be bonding with him tonight when the fireworks frightened Riley into cowering on his lap. He has not growled at him in several days. He's been remarking at how good he has been. I'm hoping that letting some more time pass will soften him a
  4. I deserve all the beratings you can dish out about allowing Riley to be put in that situation. It was irresponsible. It was a mistake. In 9 years I've never allowed him to be around any but the most dog savvy kids who he responded well to. He was responding very well to Greyson before the party started and things were quiet. Even when he was zooming around with his truck toys, Riley was relaxed. The tragedy was my failure. All the dogs had been outside most of the afternoon and were let in to warm up and greet everyone before being kenneled up. I should have been more vigilant. I should ha
  5. Riley needs to find a new home and I am devastated. This past spring I got married. Riley tolerated his change in sleeping arrangements (crate instead of on the bed) and his new roommate (3 year old English Mastiff, Sarah) well but he continued with his habit of guarding me if I was sleeping or lying down in a room by growling at anyone who wants to enter. My husband tolerated his quirks and hyperactivity until a horrible incident this week. We were visiting my family for Christmas and my brother was there with my 20 month old nephew, Greyson. There were 4 dogs there, Riley and Sarah a
  6. Is there any reason that no one else uses plain "choke" chain collars? I like that they can be bought large enough that a dog can back out of them if they get hung up but they can't if they're clipped to a leash. Indestructible and quick-drying. Riley spends more time wet than dry in the summer. If he's dry for any period of time for vanity's sake I'll throw on his Weaver lone star concho collar. http://www.kyhorse.com/store/dog/lone_star_legend.htm
  7. I taught Riley to accept the administrations of a tooth scaler. If you have good eyesight it is easy to tell the tartar from the tooth surface and it scrapes away quite easily. I do Riley's teeth twice a year or so and he lays quietly with his head on my leg while I work. He really hates tooth brushing, but will nearly fall asleep while I fuss with the scaler. With some bribery I was even able to get my mom's Lab/Dane cross to let me get the worst of it off of his teeth in one session. Dogs rarely get cavities, but the heavy buildup of tartar near the gumline can cause pain and gingivitis. Wit
  8. Wow, I will be following this closely. Riley has suffered dozens of these episodes, but they are unlike the Lab in the video. The first symptom is dragging of the back toes, like Zeke. We'll be trotting along on the pavement and suddenly I hear the slight scrape of his rear toe nails. His tongue will be fully extended and panting hard, then his eyes are unfocused, and he ceases to hear/obey any commands, breaks heel, then the back end starts to stagger. Unlike the Lab, his mental focus is long gone before he starts staggering behind. Also unlike the EIC Lab, his staggering is a full body loss
  9. Not even the sweetest most amicable mutt is ever 100% child safe. I know, I have the scars. Beau was a great dog. My babysitter for the first two years of my life, but when my little rocking chair went right over his tail he did what any animal would do, he snapped out in pain. Right across my face. 250 stitches. Layers upon layers of them because the wounds were all they way through my cheeks. All the way from the corner of my mouth to my temple and across my other cheek. Just a fraction deeper and my skull would have been punctured, or a little higher and my eye would be gone. But I was
  10. Riley would have to be voice acted by Billy Joel... think Dodger in Oliver and Company. High energy, full of himself and a perpetual jokester. I think he looks quite masculine for a Border Collie as he has a very intense and dominant gaze, but he has such a silky coat and a way of slinking and sidling up to strangers that the general public mistakes him for a girl. Solo is one of the more masculine BCs I've ever seen, too!
  11. Riley was retaining his winter coat for the first half of the summer and looking pretty rough, not to mention hot and uncomfortable. I started using a comb that looks like a undercoat rake but the tines are closer together almost like a flea comb with staggered tines: I orginally got it to remove small burrs, bt I couldn't believe how much dead hair it pulled out that the pin bristle brush left behind. That was a huge improvement to begin with and then I switched him to Innova dog food leaving him with a full coat of soft teflon like guard hairs and a minimal amount of undercoat that has
  12. Kim, I've done that in the past and it seemed to help. He's already so beside himself that I don't want to berate him any more, but in combination with rewarding him when he quiets down and that might do the trick.
  13. He is loose, not crated. He hasn't used his crate since he was a pup, and he always preferred under the bed to the crate anyhow. There is no tiring this dog. I can take the edge off of his energy but there is absolutely no way to tire him out short of a 15 mile run at a horse's pace then a good hour or more of swimming followed by chasing tennis balls... you get the idea. He is in excellent physical shape. Whether I exercise him before leaving or not doesn't seem to have any effect on his howling. I don't want to medicate him for this since it's not that big of a problem, just one I ha
  14. I have been in lurker mode for a good long time now. Many of you might remember my dog, Riley. I need some help with ideas on breaking him from howling when I'm away. Now, in all other aspects Riley is perfectly obediant. He has a 100% reliable recall, he heels through any distraction, even on horseback, he's friendly, outgoing though more than a little nervous around loud children. He is also VERY needy and obsessed with pleasing me. He is not food/treat motivated at all. He lives for praise and play. He is extremely sensitive to any sort of punishment. He doesn't nuisance bark, only aler
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