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Scared of Clicker

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This is not that uncommon. Many suggest using tape around the clicker to muffle the sound. Karen Pryor has some thoughts on the fact that the clicker seems to stimulate excitement centers in the brain. Perhaps for some dogs it is too stimulating.


You can just forego the clicker and use another 'marker'



ps a friend has a BC which will attack anyone using a clicker :rolleyes: Fortunately he has very good bite inhibition, but clickers simply drive him nuts!

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I just tried with my tounge instead.

One click, she was gone!

It must have sounded just like the real thing.

I think I am going to just use "yes" or "good".

I was thinking if she really hates it, maybe I could use that tounge clicking for correction... What do you think?

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Tess was afraid of the clicker at first, but I put it in a towel and clicked it and gave her huge amounts of treats for just sticking around. Now she is fine with it.


Some dogs never adjust though! And BCs are supposed to be sensitive to everything... (: One good thing--if you use "Yes" you will never lose your "clicker". (:


Allie & Tess

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don't pups go through another fear period around this time? I wonder if that is the problem?


My rotten boys started teasing Sophie using a really loud "ZZZZZZZZZZ't" "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ't" sound and it really freaked her out. She would run and hide in a panic. So I started making the noise really quietly when I was holding her, or rubbing her belly. I would stop as soon as she acted scared. After a few days of this I got louder and louder. Now whenever I do it really loud she just sniffs at my mouth. When the boys do it now, she knows they are playing, and gets into the play-hunch position, and jumps towards them.


Maybe you can do some kind of de-sensitivation like that with the clicker???? and what about using an INCREDIBLE treat like a pieces of chicken or a hamburger patty, or cooked shrimp to tempt her?? Those might be yummy enough to help her overcome her fear.

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I use "Yes" as well as "Good" to mark behaviors, and it does not seem to confuse Lucy when I say those words in conversation with other humans. I think one of the reasons is the tone; usually when I use one of those words, I'm using a specific tone of voice and looking at her. When I say something like "MMM, that dinner was good!" my tone of voice is completely different, and I'm not directing my words to Lucy.

It is possible that cues can lose their meaning the more you use them and nothing happens, which is why they say to avoid repeating commands. The more you say it, the less impact it has, providing that nothing happens when you say it.

But I highly doubt that using words such as "yes" and "good" in daily conversation with humans will result in a weakening of their impact the same way as say, clicking a clicker for no particular reason would, or repeating "sit....sit.....sit....sit...." when attempting to get your dog to sit, or saying "sit" and then "good sit" when the dog is already sitting. I'm not sure I can explain it very well; perhaps someone else can address this more succinctly.

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My dog also hates the clicker sound, so I just used "yes." BUT at trials, often OTHER folks are using clickers, and it shuts down my dog.


I'd advise working on getting over the phobia - with a younger dog, it might actually work. You may not ever be able to use it for training, but it might help someday. (Then, you just have to keep track of which trial sites are near SHOOTING RANGES! Ugh....)



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  • 2 months later...

Wow I just looked back my old post and realized it was almost three months ago!

Well, that means it took us three months to overcome the fear of clicker - but we did it finally!!


This is a pic of Jazzy after she hears clicker (even tongue click)last year.


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Captain Spike, who isn't scared of fireworks, tractors, thunderstorms, lawnmowers, angry swans or helicopters, is terrified of the clicker. After two clicks, he was even scared of the treat bag. Gah! So I'm using a squeaky-voiced 'Yes!' instead. Works just as good.


It was such a nice clicker, too - purple, with 'karenpryor.com' printed on it and a natty little purple wrist strap. Anyone else want it?


Liz & Captain Cowardy Custard xxx

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