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  1. My old dog before Spike was a BC/Lab/Staff mix - he was thirteen when I adopted him and seventeen and a bit when he died, and I - well, any individual dog is irreplaceable, but I couldn't be walking around dogless. All I knew for sure was that I wanted an active, intelligent dog that I could do stuff with, an interesting dog that'd keep me busy and give me a reason not to turn myself into a 700lb couchpotato. I told the shelter I needed a gundog, herding dog or mix thereof under two years old that had to be good with cats - Spike was the first dog they got in who fitted that description an
  2. I'm so glad he's okay! I'd take the day off if it were me - you'll hardly be fit to do any work after a fright like that anyway. Throw the boy a ball for me when he's feeling more up to it... Liz & the Captain xxx
  3. That was last winter's one and only snowfall, and the first we've had here in about five years, so I had to make sure to photograph Spike in it. Bournemouth is too damn far South...
  4. I ended up as CaptainsLady on Champdogs because it has some sort of filter that won't allow the word 'bitch' in a username, which I thought was a bit daft on a board about dogs! I haven't bothered with them for a long time, though; I like it much better here. This is my Spike Liz & the Captain xxx
  5. I feed raw myself, but if I was going for a good kibble I'd look at James Wellbeloved or Burns. And welcome to the boards - I have a vague memory of seeing you around when I lurked at Champdogs, and if I'm right you should fit in well here. Rub Tor's ears for me! Liz & the Captain xxx
  6. Well, this won't be fun for either of you, but things could have been a lot worse. Prayers & good wishes for beautiful Briar Rose, Liz & Spike xxx
  7. If it was Spike - I would do it. Good luck to you and Remi, Liz & Spike xxx
  8. ^Even more off-topic: Spike did something similar with a herding video, but lost interest after realising there was no way he could get in the little box and the sheep weren't behind it. (Spike has never seen a real sheep as far as I know - he might have tried harder if he had). Max, my foster GSP, is fascinated by mirrors and will gaze at himself for hours. His new mum put a picture of him on her screensaver and now he stares at that too. Liz n' Spike xxx
  9. Praying for Briar Rose now. (And hug Rob for me so he doesn't feel left out...) Liz & Spike xxx
  10. ((((hugs for Kim and Charlotte)))) Liz & Spike xxxxxx
  11. ^still praying for you as well - I hadn't forgotten! L & S xxx
  12. Still praying, both for Tam's health and your poor shredded nerves. Love, Liz & Spike xxx
  13. It's worth looking into raw feeding too - Spike is also a non-foodie but he does love his raw beef. Liz & Captain Picky Spoilt Bugger xxx
  14. Praying for Tam and Charlotte now. Liz & Spike xxx
  15. What he said. I always read all the herding stuff - even though I doubt Spike or I will ever do it, it's fascinating to learn as much as I can. Interestingly, the way Mick is looking at his sheep is exactly how Spike looks at his cat. Liz & Spike xxx
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