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  1. I found some previous threads with a search: http://bordercollie.heatherweb.com/cgi-bin...t=000719#000000 http://bordercollie.heatherweb.com/cgi-bin...t=000641#000000 Lots of links and info in those two, looks like. Allie & Tess
  2. The search function of this board will help you with that. That question gets asked all the time and always gets different answers. You could pick what you think will work best for you. Allie & Tess
  3. If she is all about her ball, you might try a ball attached to a rope and see if she will tug it. A brief fun game like that is a good reward for coming to you, then you let her go again. Other than that, maybe just practicing your recall at home until it is perfect again will help. Allie & Tess
  4. You may want to try rewarding her for coming when you call. Putting her on a leash for a while is not a reward from the dog's point of view. I think that if you call her to you, give her a treat, and let her go or call her to you and initiate her favorite game, she may start to look at you as Fun Person With Neat Ideas instead of Boring Dude With The Leash. Ideally, dogs are not off leash until they have a great recall on a 50-foot longline or something. That is not realistic for me, so I have come up with other ways to get Tess to stay put while I put her leash on, mostly wearing h
  5. I am a slow runner... takes me 4.5 hours to run a marathon. Once I did it in 4 hours and 24 minutes, though. I was speedy that day! If I am on some kind of course where you can see the head runners zip by, I just remind myself that those poor souls do not have the stamina to run for 4.5 hours. Poor things. I pity them. And of course, I burn twice as many calories as the fast people. This means when I get home I get to eat twice the ice cream. Tess loves to run. She drags me out the door every morning. So far she has done 6 miles with me. We will work up to more, and
  6. I'm not training for a marathon at the moment (next one will be spring 2006) so this amount of exercise is really mild for me. Weather? Ha! We laugh in the face of weather. Unless it is too hot, then we go to the beach or the trails where there is shade and/or a breeze. Of course, we do not live in Alaska and our weather is easy to laugh off... Allie & Tess
  7. My neighbor has two Shelties and she says she just gets dental picks and stuff to clean their teeth herself. I think she's a dental hygenist, though. Anyway, my point is that her dogs do not have to be sedated for this. I imagine it is typical for the vet to sedate the dog, but as the saying goes; where there's a will, there's a way. There may be a way to clean teeth without sedating the dog. I would ask around, just to be sure it is absolutely necessary. Allie & Tess
  8. Tess is up to date on her shots as of last November when she was just over a year old. She will only be getting rabies from now on unless a class requires written proof of other vaccinations. My cats got their kitten shots. They got updated when we got a foster dog years ago. Then when we got Tess, I got them all their shots again. They are both about 7 years old. They won't be getting anymore shots except rabies as required by law, provided I remember to take them in. They are indoor-only cats and don't even get flea treatment (why treat for fleas if they do not have any fleas?). Te
  9. I got my Dremel from Amazon.com. http://tinyurl.com/4us6f Allie & Tess
  10. Tess has mostly black toenails. I've tried the clippers, but every time I have done them, I have nicked her quick so gave that up. Tess loathes having her toenails done, but cooperates because I ask her to. She is a very good sport. I never needed to trim her toenails when we lived in the city. Three 30-minute walks a day on sidewalks kept her toenails nicely filed down. It was wonderful. Out here in the country, it's all just dirt and grass... nothing to wear the nails down. Allie & Tess
  11. Are Tess's toenails too long? I can't find any pictures anywhere. Tess does a lot of stuff outside, so she needs traction. But I don't want to her have trouble walking. I trim her toenails once a week with the Dremel. Here are the front feet: (sorry it's a little blurry, but you can see her toenails there, I think) And here are the back feet. Are the middle ones too long here? Thanks. I don't know if they should be so short you can't seem them or what. Tess has really long quicks, so this is really all the shorter I can go. She seems fine with them at this length
  12. The lady who does the CGC class was very prompt with an email reply. I will write and ask her for a schedule and how she would handle a dog who does not want to approach people on her own. Thanks. That should be pretty helpful. In the last class we took, after Tess did not want to walk up to people, the instructor ordered me to "pull her up here! Don't let her get away with that!" Get away with WHAT? She was SCARED. Forcing a dog or a horse to do something scary does not make them less afraid, it makes them more afraid. That lady is very close to where I will be living and off
  13. Yes, Tess is my first Border Collie. I did all this research and thought, finally! A dog who can keep up with me! Allie & Tess, girls on the go.
  14. tolerate strangers, other dogs, startling noises (an umbrella opening suddenly, a box of empty cans dropped on the floor....), strangers touching him with your permission (think "vet"), etc. These are the things Tess needs practice with. Her basic obedience is stellar. In our most recent obedience class, Tess stayed in a sit-stay and a down-stay while I did incredibly stupid things like hula hoop, etc. and there was massive activity going on as other owners were doing equally foolish things while their dogs either joined them by jumping through a hoop, running through a tunnel, wea
  15. Tess knows basic obedience and a bunch of silly tricks, so the CGC class should be a brush-up for the basic stuff. My goal for the CGC class is to work on the greeting people/dogs part. I want this to be stress free (for both of us). If we pass, great. If not, no big deal. I asked the agility instructor and she said she did not care either way, she thought each class would benefit the other and so left it up to me to decide. Thanks everyone for your opinions. I think I will likely take the CGC class first with Tess. I think that's a good idea. Allie & Tess
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