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So long and thank you for your great questions and challenges

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I have given Eileen and Heather my notice of retirement from the expert's position and you will be very excited about my replacment, I'm sure. You will be getting advice from one of the top trainers in North America and a very knowledgeable and dedicated handler who has been extremely successful. Enjoy her and take advantage of her knowledge. This kind of experience does not come along every day. I have enjoyed working with all of you and especially those challenging questions that kept me awake at times trying to figure out a solution. That is how we learn and, if we ever stop learning, we go backwards. There are no stupid questions and there is never just one answer. Enjoy your dogs as much as I enjoy mine and your life will be full forever........Once again, thank you for the opportunity to challenge myself and to help you in any way I could. Tight turns and straight lines and let your dog work. He does have a brain.......sincerely.....Bob

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Dear Bob,


I am one of the people who have benefited greatly from your advice. Being a great handler and being a great teacher are not necessarily the same things, and I always appreciate people's advice in the handicapped-by-remote-communication situation which makes it harder to respond. But your responses had all the ingredients of excellently formed and useful advice.


The two mistakes people often make are giving pat answers and limiting oneself to (constructive of course)criticism. However, rather than matching a problem to a ready-made solution, your advice was always individual, replying to a particular situation and you always made sure to include encouragement and good points which set up a good basis for the actual work with one's dog.


Thank you again for all your terrific help!


Best wishes,

Maja (with Bonnie - who'd be very grateful if she only knew)

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Thanks for your great contribution to this forum. Though I never asked you a question personally, as my Táta is just getting started on sheep, I did learn a great deal from the answers you provided to other people.

Always thought this was an amazingly cool feature on the forum, "ask an expert".

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Thank you Bob for your helpful and thoughtful answers to my dumb questions. I have Aussies and appreciate your taking the time to help with my dogs; always good advice and given freely. Hope you can come back one of these days. Looking forward to reading the expert corner again.

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