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  1. Calli (now age 8 but probably hearing impaired for at least a year) is much as described by both you and Elizabeth. She is learning to look at me far more often while working, and we've been pretty successful with body language (mostly arm/hand signals). Only problem (and it's a big one) is when she's driving away or any time when she can't see me. Plus, she has a strong eye, which means that - if she's in a situation where she's very intent on holding a particular sheep - she's totally zoned in on that and refuses to break her eye to look at me for any signals. For the longest time I tho
  2. Slippery surfaces, including ice and (in my Calli's case) tile floors can also cause iliopsoas injuries, which are often misdiagnosed as something more serious like ACL injury. I hope this article helps: http://vetsportsmedicine.com/resources/IS-cr.pdf
  3. Thank you so much for the beautifully shot videos (all), Dave. Add me to those who appreciate your sharing them...
  4. We're trying hard to get as many "likes" for the USBCHA National Finals Facebook page as possible in an effort to show potential corporate sponsors that we're a worthwhile investment. Please take a minute to like the page ("2013 National Sheepdog Finals"), then share and encourage your family & friends to do the same. I'll be personally involved this year working on the sourvenir program. Supporting the Finals is supporting the working border collie. Many thanks!
  5. Bump... opening day is tomorrow. Happy New Year everyone! Donna
  6. Duh... January 1 is obviously a holiday, so entries will open January 2 (but if you can get a Jan. 1 postmark, we'll take it!).
  7. Opening day for the 2013 Mardi Gras Open is January 1 (postmark date). The trial is March 2 & 3 in Poplarville, Mississippi, hosted by Penny Tose. Entry form and flyer are attached. The website has additional information on hotels, driving directions, camping, etc. • $1,000 added money in Open • Judge: Patrick Shannahan • Classes: Open, Nursery, Pro-Novice, Novice • Website with more info This is the weekend after Mark Ireland's That’ll Do SDT in Malabar, FL (the final trial of the February Florida circuit) and the weekend before Bob Montgomery's trial in Greenwood, MS. The
  8. Thanks Sue... I'm looking forward to finally meeting and working with our fearless leader!
  9. Posting for a friend Herbert Holmes is coming to southeast Louisiana for a stockdog clinic on December 8 & 9. Flyer and entry attached with full information. Weather should be perfect (December is early fall in Louisiana, after all). Come on down and pass a good time with Hub! Herbert Holmes Stockdog Clinic.doc
  10. "Stupidly difficult" is right! What an admirable job by Suzy and Buzz... thanks for the great videos, Dave. And congrats on your wonderful showing at the Finals!
  11. So interesting... thanks for posting!
  12. Just a reminder that the opening day for accepting entries to Penny Tose’s Trial is August 1 (postmark date). An entry form with flyer is available on Sheepdog-L's Files section. We also have a website where you'll find additional information on hotels, driving directions, camping, etc. While dry camping is available at the trial field, Penny is offering limited hook-ups for handlers with medical/health needs at her farm (7 miles from the trial field). Please email me for anything you need. Hope to see you then, Donna Kulawiak
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