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OT: What's that breed again?

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I think my next dog will be a Bull Massive. Or a Malibu cool2.gif


From the East Bay SPCA Blog (a great read):

The following are breeds as they were documented by the clients on clinic registration forms.


[misspelling -- correct name]Begall Beagle

Malibu Malamute

Bull Massive

Bull Mastiff

Bull Mater

Bull Mastiff

Patedillon Papillon

Pegniece Pekingese

Pequenes Pekingese

Chewawa Chihuahua

Chiguagua Chihuahua

Chiwawa Chihuahua

Chiyaya Chihuahua

Chuchcan Chihuahua

Pet Bull Pit Bull

Pick Bull Pit Bull

Pip bull Pit Bull

Pit Bowl Pit Bull

Pul Bull Pit Bull

Put Bill Pit Bull

Chow-Wow Chow Chow

Puppy Chow Chow Chow

Cracker Spano Cocker Spaniel

Crocker Spaniard Cocker Spaniel

Papamarian Pomeranian

Pomerena Pomeranian

Checo Sovakain Wolf Czechoslovakian Wolf

Pomeria Pomeranian

Datsun Dachshund

Pub Pug

Doxin Dachshund

Winner Dachshund

Weener Boy Dachshund

Hot Dog Dachshund

Rottwielderer Rottweiler

Rockwiler Rottweiler

Rod Guiler Rottweiler

Rotwilder Rottweiler

Roukweilr Rottweiler

Wrot Rottweiler

Dolmotion Mex Dalmatian Mix

Girman Heaper German Shepherd

Jurman Sheperd German Shepherd

Keltie Sheltie

Shit Zoo Shih Tzu

Lapso Upso Lhasa Apsa

Lapsa apso Lhasa Apsa

Siemeis Siamese

Lasa Opso Lhasa Apsa

Simon Siamese

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I love these.


Lhasas---If I heard Lhasa Upso from someone talking about this breed, they are one step ahead. Most people I've heard just stumble over the name and can't spit it out.


I've also heard---Pibble - pit bull

Biggle - beagle

shizzoo - Shih tsu

My mailman has 3 Great Dames---whoa! He probably can't wait to get home----unless they're all bitches, that is. Then he'd work overtime.


And I just love that northern breed---Alaskan Muskie----great visual of them howling at the moon in the wilds of Alaska.


Thanks for sharing those.

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Alaskan Muskie - Isn't that a variant of the Great Lakes fish?


Papamarian - Sounds like a medical procedure in...never mind... :rolleyes:


And someone should tell that person that Datsuns have been replaced by Nissans...


One to add to the list: I have often been asked if Annie is one of those Sheep Dogs, because the person did not know the name of the breed (Border Collie).

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I used to get to see a lot of Rockwelders in CA when I interned there... never saw any of them weld any rocks, though. I kept hoping.


Up here I have seen ads for Palmeranians in the paper (this may be because there's a town in the Valley called Palmer, and some confusion ensues).... the BF has a last name very similar to that of a "major" road up here (to the extent that there is such a thing in AK) and suffers similar misnomers from time to time, so maybe that's geographical confusion, not a new breed.


A friend of mine has a nephew who claimed to have a rare Flaming Siamese (it was an orange tabby, not a flame-point Siamese - er, Siemeis - and gives absolutely no indication that it has a single Oriental gene in its entire body.)


I think I need a Girman Heaper, though; that would be a big help around the house. Maybe a Puppy Chow. God knows I can go through a bit of THAT in a month, and extra would come in handy (does it poop kibbles or something? Or would that be a Poopy Chow?) But if I can only choose one, I'd have to say I've always wanted to own a Pub. But then it'd probably always be full of drunken Crocker Spaniards which I would have to sic my Bull Massives on them to keep order....

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Shit Zoo, that is good! :rolleyes:


Most people can't seem to spit that one out right. We have given lots of lessons to people on how to pronounce it! We have gotten things like "shihoos" "shizoos" "shitz" and so on!

One person said, "oh well, I can't say it so I will just call you Cute!" :D


I also liked Bull Massive. That is what they SHOULD be called! And the Chihuahuas! Wow, lots of wrong spelling on those - I like Chiyaya!


That is too funny - and even funnier if you have on of the breeds.

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And you should be ESPECIALLY certain to have your dog spaded if it has hip displacement (another term for hip displeasure, for those of you without a medical background).... :rolleyes::D


A client once came in to the clinic to ask for their dog's leprosy medication. Eh? Leprosy? Say what? The office manager looked up the chart and was able to give the client the dog's medication - for epilepsy.


I also had a client come screaming into the emergency clinic at 5 a.m. demaning "5 cc's of Detracycline, STAT!" for her dogs. (Apparently she was having an early morning fantasy that she was an ER doctor and I was her underling.) I told her there was no such drug as Detracycline, but if she meant Tetracycline, we didn't give it to puppies. She insisted that her breeder had given Detracycline to her puppies when they had respiratory problems. Meanwhile her basket of Shar Pei pups, which had just managed to fall asleep, became too quiet for her tastes, so she shook them vigorously to wake them up and get them screaming again (apparently she was under the impression that sleeping puppies are dead puppies). She insisted I call her breeder (at 5 a.m.) and ask what the drug was. I did, (with great reluctance) and the breeder (bless her) was a cheery sort and said, with a laugh, "Oh, my gracious, no! It was dexamethasone!"


"Oh, dexamathasone," with a pointed look at the client.

"It's the SAME THING!" she exclaimed in an angry and waspish tone. After thanking the breeder and apologizing profusely for waking her, I turned to the client and said, "No, it is NOT the same thing, and the reason your puppies are not squealing is that they're asleep and you should just leave them alone." She didn't like me very much after that. I can't think why. :D

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AK Doc, how long did it take you to learn how to deal with clients? I hear all these horror stories and I don't know how I would have reacted! While I was working as a tech we had a client who came in drunk. I had never been more impressed by the vet I worked with when she calmed him down and got him to go home before he insisted that we do something perfectly legal but extremely gross and stupid to his recently deceased dog.

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Skipper key is cute!


My trainer has several belgain sheepdogs and then one "skipper key" - they look so cute together! The big and little: :rolleyes:



Doc, that is too funny! At 5am, no wonder the pups are sleeping! Great job keeping your cool!

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Liz, I'll let you know when I DO finally figure it out. :rolleyes: It's an ongoing process. Mainly I try not to burst out laughing or strike people. Also, the eyerolling and sarcastic sighs and snorts are right out. If you try to be patient and just go, "Well, no, it's more like ____" (fill in the blank) and take a matter-of-fact approach, it generally gets you through. There have been times I've been so outraged or shocked or just plain aggravated that I've not been able to keep it under wraps completely, but I TRY. Really I do.

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That happens to vets too? When I first started shoeing I was horrified at the number of horseowners that would tell me how to shoe a horse. Then they tell me how rude the last farrier was and I can only wonder why. Working with people and their animals is a great way to continually hone one's people skills.



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