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  1. ya my bc does that too. It's probably just cause they haven't done it in a while so they're more excited and trying to do well at it.
  2. Don't worry about not understanding the lingo and everything, that's why you're taking classes. If you're in a basic agility class I bet there'll be plently of people in the same boat and when i started agility i had no idea what to expect but it wasn't bad. My first lesson she learned how to go over a jump and through a tunnel and that was it
  3. what's a skipper key? I feel kinda stupid but that doesn't sound like anything to me That was hilarious though!
  4. I've been looking for someone to give me herding lessons but the only guy I can find in my area hasn't e-mailed me back and its been nearly 3 weeks. Does anyone know of anyone in oregon? Or where I can find somebody?Thanks in advance
  5. ^^ kyrasmom has a good point, they all go through it just be glad it's not something worse than socks. Brandi chewed through the wall of her kennel, and then a door once. She loves wood for some reason but she never liked socks or shoes or anything. Anyway, the point is socks are much cheaper to replace than a wall good luck
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