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Our 12 crazy days of the holidays

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This will be the oddest holidays for us yet. We have only ONE ornament out (our angel tree topper). We will not be going to or having family come to us for the holidays. We'll probably be doing kitchen demolition Christmas eve and day. The kitchen rebuild will start the Monday after Christmas with electrical followed by wall, ceiling, and molding repairs. After that we'll be painting to be interrupted by Bette whelping pups. Then it will be back to work for me.


By our count, Bette has 9 days left and we just had to get an estimate on how many pups Bette is carrying. So Renee is running her off to our vet today.



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Any pics of the very pregnant Bette? :rolleyes:


You know, you would be very underwhelmed with that. She's very long and lanky so she carries it very well. It hasn't slowed her down a bit. She was still keeping up with the sheep until recently. Actually no one is doing anything with the sheep right now because of all the snow --except the new guardian dog of course.


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I went out to work my dogs (first time in over a week due to the snow), and look what has been happening while I was at the farm! I hope that Bette and her brood are all doing well, and I am sure that they will have the best of care from Renee and Mark. Congratulations to all at the Billadeau farm!




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