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  1. Grizzly Salmon Oil uses rosemary extract as a preservative. There is concern that rosemary lowers the seizure threshold in some epileptic dogs. Just an FYI.
  2. To OP. I have an epi dog, Blue. I, like you, want to do what is best in terms of the seizures. Diet is a big part, and for your dog kibble may be just fine. Keep track of the seizures to see if you can determine patterns and maybe eliminate things that lower the seizure threshold. Just quick notes to maybe help you in this journey. I noticed a pattern of kibble and seizures. For example, after he got into the neighbors garage and ate a bag of catfood. Several seizures followed within the day. Switched from one brand kibble to another and seizures after each meal.... I had food allergy t
  3. Hi-Neighbor is a nice little country restaurant in Strasburg. A Tom Forrester hang-out Good, simple food.
  4. That was a purebred Border Leicester.
  5. I only had 3 lambs from the 2 cheviot ewes this year and they were all ram lambs! Another cross I have is the BL x Suffolk. Fast growing lambs from that cross. But I don't like the Suffolk in them for working the dogs. THey can be real a-holes I'm down to a few BLs for their wool and some hair and hair/wool crosses for working. Ram is gone for the time being and not breeding this year.
  6. He's going to a friend She'll be glad to know he's all fancy!
  7. In the past we have taken our sheep to a buyer in Bloomery, WV. A month ago, he was paying $1.25/lb for lambs (<year) and $1.00/lb for yearlings. Cull/older ewes and wethers were $.45/lb. We took a variety of 9 sheep and the check was about $700. We had to cut back. I sold some nice wool (BL) lambs to a spinner flock and this ram lamb will go to a friend in NC. I now have a nice size flock of 19 which is manageable. Some for my wool hobby and some for working. We've been feeding hay all summer! If you are interested in the buyer, email me privately.
  8. I have a nice fat ram lamb that somehow missed banding day. We're taking some sheep to market - soon - because we're already having to feed hay (very dry here in VA). I thought someone might be interested in a nice ram so offering for sale here - $40. He's Border LeicesterX Border Cheviot and is already looking very handsome and ummmm...manly at 4 months!
  9. that's funny. You are right - about 10 years ago i would have loaned them out.....for a few years Now they are both very nice and I too have a grandson out of one. 1 year old next month! Now our only kids are dogs and cats and lambs
  10. everyone should go to a Jack Knox clinic or two before they have kids. Then apply the same concepts to raising their children.... After attending a clinic I realized the same reasons I have problems with my dogs (lack of respect!) are pretty similar to why I had problems (most minor, some not!) with my kids!
  11. Come and get em. I have an assortment to choose from - I really needed to downsize and then we had 15 additional lambs this year!!! I'm selling for $50 each, but we could work a deal if you take more than a couple. Just let me know. deb
  12. I like the VBCA rules....mostly. I think all clubs try to come up with the best way to encourage Novice handlers/teams while at the same time trying to have incentives or rules to get people to move up as they progress. We don't want teams to linger in a lower class and keep gathering up all the ribbons and year end awards. On the other hand, there are teams that never progress to OPEN because of lack of talent on the part of the dog and/or handler, but they are out there enjoying the best they can do. I think we all might have a few too many rules. VBCA has a rule that you have to move up t
  13. update - went to the planning commission meeting this morning. The meeting room was packed, mostly with dog breeders concerned with proposed changes such as combining the definition of commercial breeding kennels and commercial boarding kennels, the number of dogs in a kennel changing from 30 to 5 as a definition of being commercial (I think) and also lots of concern about the setback regulations. Most of those who signed up to speak, live in the county, are hobby breeders for showing their dogs (AKC) and seemed to be responsible owners. One woman made a good point - she had 15 dogs but she ab
  14. Thanks Eileen. I shall call tomorrow and ask for the actual text changes. My dad was a lawyer, but I obviously didn't inherit the gene needed to interpret legalese.
  15. Thanks for the link Debbie - it was interesting to read their (NRA) take on this change. I guess it could potentially affect more than just those in my little world.
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