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  1. The 2015 Pipedream Farm Sheepdog Trial will be Sept 18-20 (Fri-Sun) Fri & Sat will each have one open class Sun will have one class each of Ranch, ProNovice, and Novice Novice If we have enough Nursery dogs there will be 2 Nursery classes (days tbd). Our Judge this year will be Werner Reitboeck from Ontario Peggy Simpson and Todd Layfield will again be hosting a handlers' dinner (wonderful home cooked food) at their home (15-20min for the trial field) Camping is allowed, no hook-ups If you have a "big rig" (large 5th wheel, large class A) call for additional parking info
  2. To use one of your arguments..... Those studies are much older than the one I posted and the more recent study includes many more dogs (A total of 1,264,422 dogs from 74 breeds) making it more statistically significant. Mark
  3. So what is the gold method for determining if a dog has HD? Is it the score given by one of the many methods discussed or is it the function of the hip? Comparison of three radiographic methods for diagnosis of hip dysplasia in eight-month-old dogs http://avmajournals.avma.org/doi/abs/10.2460/javma.2001.219.1242 Objective—To compare the accuracy of the extended- hip radiographic (EHR) score, the distraction index (DI), and the dorsolateral subluxation (DLS) score for identifying hip dysplasia in dogs at 8 months of age. Design—Cohort study Animals—129 Labrador Ret
  4. Liz please be kind enough to support your statements with links to the studies so that everyone can take a critical review of the studies. Mark Everyone might find the results of a search on google scholar: accuracy of distraction index dysplasia There were several studies which compared the predictive abilities of many CHD test methods used on young dogs and most found that not one method was significantly better than another. I did read one that suggested the best method to predict the results for when the dog is older is the same method that will be used when the dog is older.
  5. The way you stated it reads as if preliminary hip exams are only 20% accurate. Think about how future readers will take your statements. Mark Billadeau
  6. Not quite what the OFA says about preliminary hip exams. Mark Billadeau
  7. This was taken by Christine Koval during the lunch break on Open day 1 from the parking field.
  8. We were fortunate to have some of the best weather of the year for the Pipedream Farm Sheepdog Trial: no rain, cool temperatures and clear skies. This was our second year with the trial field running up the hill behind the house. Our farm flock of about 150 hair sheep was run twice each day with each handler getting two ewes and two lambs. The Open outrun was about 250 yards over challenging terrain up over a small ridge which runs across the top of the field. The fetch brought the sheep over a steep drop of about 10 down onto a bowl shaped field. For the first day of Open there was a lefthand
  9. Your questions. 1. No. This policy makes a good statement on how the organization stands on breeding for the show ring. The loss of genetic diversity to the breed and the possible loss of working genes to the gene pool is negligible by not allowing the very small numbers of CH dogs that would be trained and could meet the ROM process. 2. Undecided. Due to the potential negative impacts it would have on the genetic diversity in our gene pool. One should note that accepting a ban on dual registration would eliminate the opportunity for CH dogs and their offspring to get registere
  10. You implied that ABCA papers provided more than a simple record of breeding, more than some perceived value. You have asked others to support their statements with additional supporting information and have received it. I have asked and asked and asked for you to do the same for your statement to no avail. Do what you expect of others, support your statements. The registration papers offer no value beyond a breeding record. The value, in terms of potential working ability, comes from the breeder. This value does not require ABCA registration. It just so happens that a large number of
  11. But AKC pups sell for more money than most ABCA pups providing more earning potential. The added value (beyond the recorded pedigree) associated with papers from one non performance registry vs another is merely perception. So where is this proof that there are all these owners of AKC Ch dogs that want ABCA registration with the real added value from them. The real added value comes from the work of the ABCA organization, not from the papers. Mark Billadeau
  12. We live in MD and when we moved here we had katahdins, romneys, and border leicesters. The wool lambs were fun to work but the adults did not stand up to the stress of dog work. Our farm is loaded with cockleburs which ruined every fleece so we sold off our wool sheep. We prefer larger framed katahdins. We have had dorper crosses and found that while they grew faster they got to be heavy for working quickly. Katahdins do dog break quickly. Now that our we have our ewe flock to The numbers we want we will start looking at terminal sires to put more size in our lambs. Our ewes are good
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