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OT - is everyone from Washington State OK?

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After our huge wind storm?


We just got our power back (went out thursday). Lots of trees came down though everywhere so I wanted to check and make sure everyone was still OK.


Our biggest problem was the fish tank (which needed heat, air, and filter) but other then that, and the cold, we got off easy.

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Yeah, I was just thinking about that today. I hope everyone got through it ok.

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Hey, what about us Canadians? I was up from 2AM onward watching transformers blow around the city and feeling my apartment sway in the 125kmph winds. The roof across the way from me ripped right off. BIG trees are down all around and lots of places don't have power. It was a scary thing. Hope everyone else is okay!



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My cousin, her DH and their two daughters have a dairy in Tillamook, and the winds in their neck of the woods were clocked at 115 mph. Rain in torrents, ice-cold temps, no power [they were waiting for a new generator] and 180 cows to milk... A temporary generator did finally arrive and get hooked up, and the cows are OK, but for a while there, things were a bit hectic. (Tillamook is in NW Oregon, on the coast --- west of Portland.)


Yikes, RDM! Glad you and Kat and all your critters are OK. Hope others in the area are all right...

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We never lost power here, and the noble dogs never indicated that anything was amiss Thursday night but when we went to the park in Friday morning, we found this:




To give you an idea of how big the root ball is:



Wick says that she had nothing to do with this:



We're lucky that the tree didn't fall the other way, as it would have crushed our building.

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We were hit hard in our part of the county. The first big gust around five on thurs. brought down a tree on the power lines in our pasture. It narrowly missed the barn. All the animals are fine. They got to the tree on the lines last night. I never thought I would be overjoyed to hear a chainsaw at one in the morning. The lines and toppled pole are still down which provide power to the neighbor. She got kind of snotty today, insinuating that if we'd removed those trees before the storm then she'd have power. Oh well. I forget how stressful this is for a lot of people. I refrained from reminding her that no side streets have power not just her.

I lived by myself in a cabin for three years without running water or electricity. I loved it. But I guess it's not for everyone.



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Lost power here in my neck of the woods at about 6 Thursday nite -we live on 2 acres of dense forest north of Mt Rainier about 30 miles - along about 9:30 that nite after sitting in a quiet house listening to the 60-70 mph wind gusts for a few hours my 'inner voice' told me to grab the dogs and get OUT!! My husband looked at me and said "WOW - I have never seen you freaked out like this" - (I am that girl who rides every roller coaster I see and am normally an endorphin junkie! LOL) - - I said "Nevermind me - let's GO!!!!!!!!!!". We traveled about 10 miles down the main hiway littered with downed lines and trees to my brother-in-laws who has no trees around his place - - I would have sat in the truck in the middle of an open field at that point!


Came back to the house around 4 the next morning ...as we turned the corner the headlights illuminated the house from down the road and I sighed a huge sigh of relief as I could see it still in one piece - - as we turned into the drive we realized just how lucky we were - - a huge cottonwood had come down right in front - it took two smaller fir trees with it but managed to miss the house other than right at our bedroom window where obviously the top branches hit and took out the gutter above our window - - mannnnnnnnnn was I glad to have not been there when that baby hit the ground and the house!!


We were out of power for a little over 48 hours as our neighborhood was hit hard -got pretty cold in the house by the second day but we did okay - the neighbor just south of me lost 7 trees along our fenceline - 3 came down at another's - - carport next door was hit by one - - the semi truck driver down the road lost the cab of his truck as a big fir tree went down on top of it in his driveway - but all in all we are all real lucky and thankful as it could have been much worse - -


A few words of wisdom? When your women's intuition kicks in and that inner voice speaks?? LISTEN to it!! - I know I will from now on!


Here are a few pics of our newly renovated front yard!!!














View out the drive to the road:



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Those of us along the Gulf Coast can relate! Y'all BE CAREFUL with those chainsaws,that's when people get hurt! I don't know which is worse..freezing your tail off without power or heat,humidity and mosquitoes and no power...neither at all pleasant!!!


Our thoughts are with you,

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I was worried when I didn't hear from you Rainierlass. I knew you lived in a very tree-y area. Glad you got out OK!! Yikes!


leahluvsherpups, they still have all kinds of shelters set up for people with power still out. They have some warm food and running water (so you can have your shower :rolleyes: ). I think the phone number was 211 for information about where they are...


For anyone still without power - snuggle with your doggies and keep warm!! Hopefully it will all be back soon, but they are still saying a few more days for some people... :D But if you can, the power companies want people still in the dark to call so they know exactly what areas are still out.


We have some friends coming over to stay at our house now because they don't have any power still either, and it is getting C-O-L-D out!!

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