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  1. I just want to throw in my dog aggression story to show that some dogs can turn around. When we adopted Niki she was human aggressive, mainly towards men, and had severe food aggression. Niki did not display any of this behavior at the shelter except the man thing. We believed that this behavior was simply because she spent her first two years of life with only one human and had absolutely no training or socialization. We spent the next two years, with no breaks, aggressively training and socializing her which has paid of beautifully. That was 5 years ago and today you'd never know that she was that way at one time. It can be done and maybe not but it's definitely worth a shot. Good luck.
  2. I generally bathe my dogs when they need it which is usually two to three times a year. With the rain we have during our 9 month winter, the mud just falls off of them.
  3. Did you ever take puppers to single classes ( just you and pup?) It is so important to socialise and train doggies. Otherwise if you think this dog is hopeless, I will take her in. I know that Bob is out for a few weeks but he trusts me. Bindi will learn.
  4. She was just a pound pup, an owner surrender. She hated men, and was just as mean as you could get. She was food aggresive and I was told by a trainer that she was a total loss. Niki went through years of training and months of reinforcement. She is now the sweetest thing on earth at 8 years old. I'm not in the right place of the boards but sorry!
  5. We lost power at 11:30pm Thursday night and it's still not back on. We have a generator but no running water. Thankfully there was no damage to my home or property but I WANT A SHOWER!
  6. I'm sorry for your losses. I think about it all of the time as all of my pets, 10 of them, are around the same ages. In a few short years I will be dealing with allot of seniors.
  7. We lost power for about 12 hours on Wednesday but the worst part was trying to get home from work. What normally takes us an hour and a half to get home, took two and a half hours. It was awful.
  8. When Cody was a pup she did the same thing. People will post a ton of suggestions, none of which worked for me. Eventually she just grew out of it but not after several pairs of jeans, jackets, and shirts being ripped. I honestly thought that Bitter Apples would work but the stuff didn't phase her a bit.
  9. I have to agree with Sue. The ears are an Aussie dead give away, tent head as I call it, as well as the stout muzzle. BTW I have an Aussie with a tail and our local Aussie rescue adopts out alot of them with tails. Not so uncommon around here.
  10. I hope it's nothing serious. Best wishes and healing vibes being sent.
  11. I can't have a doggie door. My cats are not allowed outside plus I don't like the idea of 5 dogs running in and out at free will. Alex was fine during the summer time. He would come in and go directly to his crate for bedtime. None of my dogs, nor myself, spent much time indoors during the summer but now that it is dark and cold everyone is adapting to the indoors except Alex. He just wants to be under the deck. I think maybe since he was an outside dog only, the artificial heat inside is uncomfortable. When he is inside he'll hang out in the bathrooms which are the coolest rooms in the house. He spent the night under the deck again last night and it was cold, like 23F. I guess I'll try to work with him more as the rains are coming tomorrow and I don't let my dogs spend much more than potty time outside when it's wet. Deneen, Alex's coat is getting very dark but the hair is barely growing back. I can't imagine how he'll be when that big fluffy coat grows back, if it ever will. Thanks for the suggestions folks, they're greatly appreciated.
  12. 's picture. He's no longer my foster. I have decided that Alex needs to be with me. Alex needs guidence and direction, same thing right? He was an owner surrender, left outside 24/7 in Eastern Washington judging by his sun bleached, straw like coat. I aquired him last March and it was quite obviouse that he spent many hours, if not all of them, outside. Here's the kicker. He still wants to be outside and has anxiety problems, he's uncomfortable inside the house. Thankfully he doesn't eliminate alot, just sometimes, but he would rather be outside. I have never adopted a dog that is like this. Alex is in week 4 of obedience training and has made great progress. We have learned that he needs me and has some separation anxiety. He also wants to hunt down cats. Catch and shake to death. NOT GOOD! By the time I'm done with him, the cats will hunt him down and "you know" they will shack him?!!!!! I'm done with this novel. To be continued......
  13. I'm sorry that I have no advice but your post reminded me of when Niki came running up behind me and plowed into my legs knocking me right onto my behind. Fortunately there was about 6" of snow to soften the landing. When my guys get the zoomies I just stay clear until they're done. Good luck.
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