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  1. i got a "killer" too... lizards,moles,squirrels and on Mother's Day last year I was kindly presented with a young adult cottontail, very thoughtfully placed at my feet after being brought in the dog door...still warm with nothing but a bit of slobber on its neck.... guess I need to sleep with one eye open....
  2. I don't get how we've been so indoctrinated that we believe that owning an intact dog presumes that you will BREED said dog. the spay/neuter message has worked...just compare the numbers killed in shelters from the 70's versus today. i'm more concerned about shelter reform.how many are "lost" and never returned to owner?how many lose homes because of lack of training/behavioral issues? how many are losing homes due to the economy?
  3. have you looked to see if any of the info on http://www.missingpetpartnership.org might be of help?
  4. think of how many could be placed with "good enough" homes versus "perfect' homes. Many potential adopters are turned away from adoption will buy... how does that help? funny how we don't expect propective human adoption parents to be perfect and have the perfect home but it's expected by many sheletrs and rescues with some of the inane requirements. shelters and rescues will continue to overflow because adopters aren't "perfect"
  5. yeah, the article was interesting alright.... their solution is "electronic consequence for escape behavior" oh, wait this is written by the underground shock fence people.... i vote for Susan Garrett's "Crate Games"
  6. on HB 1451...there's still a call to get Gov Perry to veto....and since he said he's thinking about running for Prez.... what many aren't seeing in this Bill is that there are NO exceptions for rescues. Rescue takes in or has 11 intact bitches...20 puppies are sold... It applies. it's also been nicknamed the "puppy kill bill" as there's an allowance for pups up to 6 months to be euthanized... There are supposedly exceptions for dogs "primarily" bred for herding,hunting,retrieving game,tracking, chase BUT the language is vague.
  7. Now's a good time to start doing things to make storms "fun".... and perhaps trying some melatonin or a Thundershirt. the bathroom and tub feel grounded. there have been a number of threads regarding dogs with storm issues, you may want to take a look. It tends to get worse unless there's some intervention....
  8. The County Affairs Committee passed a substitute Bill, deleting everything except the rquirement for an impervious barrier between stacked cages.
  9. there are several ways for a person to "get started" in grassroots activism and getting an amended leash law. contact whomever represents you on City Council,get to know them. have those that are in agreement with you contact their councilman.how about contacting training centers or trainers that offer CGC classes and get them on board. contact and talk to other dog owners.
  10. I have no doubt that he was proud of those dogs when he started out. People get sick, things become overwhelming,family may not know or may not want to intervene. People lose jobs, the economy tanks... I wonder why there wasn't family intervention when things started getting out of hand? I don't understand why now there's talk of charging him, when the family was told that wouldn't happen. if it does, where does that leave the wife? as co-owner she could sign dogs away...so wouldn't that leave her open to charges? "Working Border Collie" might ougt to pull Mr Wilson's name and info from the Breeder Listing.... it's all too easy to crucify him when we really aren't privy to the family dynamics.
  11. uh regarding the "news" article.... filing teeth down so that a female won't bite the male? Puhleeeeeeze. oh and on the bcrescue boards a comment was made about with TX being a community property state that it's ok for the wife to sign away the dogs....no, community property doesn't work that way. i just hope that all the rescues involved are aware and have their legal "i"s and "t"s dotted.
  12. it's stuff like this that has the ARs pushing "no more than 11 intact females, which would include any female 4 months or older"...sounds good,but won't solve the problem...
  13. Are the present laws being enforced? Bad kennels SHOULD be shut down,but... Anyone given any thought to what happens to the dogs of breeders who are over limit? Rescue can't take 'em all. Ya think HSUS would help...oh,wait,they just lobby and try to push bills through and then bail to work on the next 'puppy mill' capital...so it seems like HSUS could be the death of many.
  14. Ya know, there are tons of adult herding breeds that really don't do well or need to be at dog parks. to work on 'dog-dog' issues it is much better to have a controlled environment... how about seeing if there is a reactive dog class nearby or a positive trainer that is versed in reactive dogs/
  15. Again... a good website http://www.aggressivebehaviorsindogs.com take a look at the articles
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